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Wise Words for Marriage

When we were engaged to be married, the pastor who was marrying us, required pre marriage counseling.  Some of the wise words he imparted to us were that marriage is not a contract it’s a covenant.  If you want to know exactly what that means, look up both words in the dictionary and you’ll see the difference between them.

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Inspiring Kaffeeklatsch: Kitchen Gifts That Lift the Spirit

I was provided with a gift certificate for sharing this sale information with you, regardless any opinions stated in the post are my own. Everybody…

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Heading On Out

After over a year ago when we first put our home up for sale, we’re finally at the crossroads of making our move down to Texas!  We closed on our home here on the 10th, and right now we’re bunkering down in a hotel in town, because we have a wedding to attend later today.

After the reception we’re heading south and we’ll drive for a few hours, so the drive on Sunday down to Texas won’t be quite so long. 

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Remembering Mom

One of the things about making such a huge move are the many things you can’t take with you.  I’ve had to toss and giveaway a lot of household items and beauty supplies.  Flammable things and liquids are a no no on a moving truck.  We’ve got some plastic containers filled with things to start us out that we’ll take in our cars, so that will help not having to dish out a lot of money right away buying it all again.

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Wow, it’s Been a Whirlwind of a Week

Before I let yet another day go by without posting, maybe I should tell you why my blog will have a few empty days in the coming months….we FINALLY sold our home! 

This has been such a whirlwind of a week.  Tired of seeing homes in the Dallas suburbs get snatched up from under us, we decided to do something REALLY crazy.  On May 22nd we put an offer on a house with only seeing pictures of it on the internet.  I KNOW RIGHT?! 

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Happy Birthday to My Baby

It was bewildering at best, the day I became a mother.  And I remember the first couple of days after we came home from the hospital I had more questions than I could possibly vocalize.  Now I look back 17 years memory by memory and I can hardly believe that my baby is ‘almost‘ grown up.

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My Baby’s All Grown Up and College Prep

I mentioned the other day, that in less than 3 weeks our daughter will turn 17.  Where has the time gone?!  We’re almost finished her junior year of high school, and college prep is right on target.

With the SAT under her belt we’re at the point where she has most of her preliminary ducks in a row to get into the college of her choice, which with the impending move and her senior year looming before us is at least one thing we don’t have to worry about.

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Friends and Funeral Services – What Those Words Together Mean to Me

Growing up I had a difficult time explaining certain things when asked.  Like my mother’s maiden for instance.  My mom’s maiden name is the same as her married name.  I learned early on that people would look at me strangely and say…”you have a Grandma and Grandpa Mueller, and a Grandma and Grandpa…?”  To which I would reply “Mueller.”  Sigh… if only that were the only confusion I was faced with.

When we were asked what kind of jobs our parents had, I had to explain my mother worked at a funeral home.  You wouldn’t believe how many teachers thought I was being a smart alek with that one.

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Needing to Get Some New Yard Items from A to Z Turn Mowers

When we sold our last home seven years ago we ditched the ‘single family home’ lifestyle and bought a condominium unit.  With that came the disposing of all our landscaping items.  We donated our snow blower, sold our lawn mower and all those other things you need to take care of a yard and outside maintenance.  FREEDOM from yard care.  BUT…

now that we’re moving from South Dakota to Texas, we’re looking at going back to a house, with a ….yard.  Oy vey!  Which also means that we need to re-purchase all of those items again (well not the snow blower at least!).

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The Summer I Spent in Work Boots

work bootsI’ve been very fortunate to have been able to do extensive traveling in my life.  From coast to coast across North America to Europe, Africa and Asia, I’ve seen the beautiful topography and gotten to appreciate different cultures all over the world.

One of my most memorable experiences was the summer I spent in work boots.  Yes, work boots.  As part of a Teen Missions trip, I got to travel to Cameroon, West Africa where a group of us worked on building a home for a camp administrator.  25 years ago though, it wasn’t an easy task to find the required foot wear for my tiny feet.

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