Inspiring Kaffeeklatsch: Kitchen Gifts That Lift the Spirit

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Everybody that knows me, knows that I love my coffee. When we purchased our home two years ago, one of the things on my wish list was to have a built in coffee bar, because no matter where we’ve lived, kaffeklatsch has been at my house.
noun, kaf·fee·klatsch often capitalized \ˈk-fē-ˌklach, ˈkä-fē-, –ˌkläch, –ˌkləch\


:  an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation
Coffee BarI keep plenty of coffee varieties, syrups and creamers on hand to make coffeehouse beverages, but beyond that the gatherings with my female friends are nothing fancy — nothing, in other words, like a formal (and stuffy) English High Tea — it’s just a time we can be open, honest and get encouragement from other moms/wives who know what it’s like to be in the same trenches we are currently in.Hope MugLove MugWhile none of our situations change after a morning spent together drinking caffeine and nibbling on pie or scones, somehow everything changes, because we expose our vulnerabilities, share wisdom, pray, and yes, laugh at our blunders and parenting fails with each other.  Attitudes change, perceptions change and Hope & Love are felt around the table.  Judging and calories get put aside for the morning and truth be told, the togetherness doesn’t last nearly long enough.Taste and See That the Lord is Good Pie PlateTaste and See that the Lord is good SpatulaBefore my friends arrive, I like to setup an atmosphere that will inspire us to leave the drama at the door and keep our fellowship uplifting and glorifying: serving ware, dishes, mugs and other kitchen items that remind us that there is another Guest at our kaffeeklatsch Who is listening to all we say.Faith Hope Love Dish Towel
Family Christian makes that task easy: with inspiring kitchen gifts to go along with my coffee-making accessories — they basically have everything I need for whatever type of coffee and treats I’m in the mood to serve!Inpiring Kitchen Gifts at Family Christian storesRight now they are having an AWESOME sale on select kitchen gift items, drink ware, picnic items, kitchen decor and more!  And even if you don’t have a store near you, Family Christian offers FREE SHIPPING – to your door (just a $50 minimum), or to your store (no minimum required) if you want something specific that is online or you can’t find in your store!  So many of these items make wonderful gifts for wedding showers, house warmings, hostess gifts or an upcoming birthday for kitchen lovers.
I love being able to do some baking, play barista and share all the wonderful inspiring kitchen ware that goes along with that, with my kaffeeklatsch.  
Do you have a group of women that you get together for coffee and conversation with?

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