Needing to Get Some New Yard Items from A to Z Turn Mowers

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When we sold our last home seven years ago we ditched the ‘single family home’ lifestyle and bought a condominium unit.  With that came the disposing of all our landscaping items.  We donated our snow blower, sold our lawn mower and all those other things you need to take care of a yard and outside maintenance.  FREEDOM from yard care.  BUT…

now that we’re moving from South Dakota to Texas, we’re looking at going back to a house, with a ….yard.  Oy vey!  Which also means that we need to re-purchase all of those items again (well not the snow blower at least!).  It’s kind of scary in a way, some of the homes we’ve looked at online and like, have HUGE yards, the kind that you’d need a z turn mower to cut the lawn.

Now personally I don’t want to let the size of a yard detract me from the ‘perfect’ home.  My husband wants nothing to do with mowing lawns, trimming edges or pulling weeds.  He’s gotten used to a lifestyle where none of that needs to be done!  So I’m putting some blog earnings on the line here.  I told my husband that I’d cough up some of what I make to get a professional service to do the yard care if we found a home we can’t be without that has a large yard.

In our past homes we had a self-propelled lawn mower, and for my tiny size I had almost no control over it – it was just dragging me along for the ride!  I’d be more than willing to look after the yard in our new home though if it’s not too big.  Something that I can manage with an electric mower.  I figure that would be my ‘work out’ for the day.  I think at that point I’d also invest in a FitBit so that I could justify that extra glass of sweet tea after mowing the lawn in 100+ degree heat in the Texas summer.

How about you all?  Do you enjoy yard work?  Who’s responsible for the yard care in your home?  

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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Published by Tammy Litke.