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S'mores Treats
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S’mores Treats

It just takes a few minutes to create sweet moments, and family time gets even sweeter when these ooey, gooey S’mores Treats are being made….

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facial sunscreen
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Theraderm Facial Sunscreen

ALL skin types and tones need facial sunscreen. It’s not an option, rather a necessity in protecting our largest organ. While melanin does give darker…

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Tackle Those Hard to Reach Areas of the Home

When you are trying to clean and renovate your property there is a lot to consider and it is important to make sure you have a game plan. This is something that you are going to need to get right moving forward when it comes to assessing and improving those important elements of the home right now. You have a lot to think about here, and it is something that can really make a big difference to improving your home right now.

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activity books
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Activity Books to Close out Summer from Gibbs Smith Publishing

If you’re anything like my family, you’ve already had a vacation canceled this year…maybe two!  But summer isn’t quite over yet and I know many families who are taking their vacation plans on the road and camping at National Parks. Maybe you are one of those families, but even if you’re not there are some great activity books from Gibbs Smith Publishing that will engage kids (and adults).

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Amora Coffee Review

Today was one of those mornings that my coffee needed coffee!  I definitely wanted to trade my mindless grab-and-go for something more magical.  A few weeks ago I received a package from the coffee delivery service, Amora Coffee.

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lower your cholesterol
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Foods And Lifestyle Changes To Lower Your Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels in the body leads to an accumulation or cholesterol in the arteries. These deposits, known as plaque, are extremely dangerous, since they…

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Bumkins Zipper Reusable Snack Bags

While social distancing is a real thing currently, it doesn’t mean that your family isn’t finding ways to go for adventures this summer.  All that adventuring can make kids (and grown ups) hungry though.  Since so many of us are trying to limit our exposure to others that may mean bringing our own food along when we typically would opt for pit stop at a restaurant or cafe.  Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags are perfect for on the go snacking! 

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5 Things to Do in Houston, Texas During the Pandemic

Times are certainly changing, and the “normal” where we eventually arrive is likely to look much different than where we’ve already been. We’re all learning how to live our lives in a new way, and that doesn’t need to be a bad thing! While many places in Texas have opened back up to the public, there are still things to be aware of before choosing to gather in large groups. Check out these 5 things to do in Houston so that you can have a social life safely during the pandemic.

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Sweet and Salty No Bake Treats

These sweet and salty no bake treats are so easy.  You can whip this tasty chocolate pretzel recipe up in the microwave.

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How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Beating the heat in Austin, Texas is quite the challenge. There are some homes at Austin real estate, which would go perfect with your summer plans. One thing to keep in mind is staying up to date with the latest summer vibes, which can be a difficult thing to achieve when temperatures are at their max. Here are a few tips to get your home ready for the hottest time of the year in one of the hottest places in the United States.

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