Memories of Cadiz

It's almost been two years since our family went on our Transatlantic Cruise.  I was feeling nostalgic about it today and so I dug out the digital pictures and took a stroll down memory lane. We got to see so many historic places and ports … [Read more...]

Ships, Busses and Trains – Oh My!

One of the ports we stopped at in Alaska on our Disney Cruise was Skagway.  We took an excursion where we boarded a bus and drove up to Carcross, Yukon in Canada, and then took the White Pass Rail back down to Skagway. Before we even left town, we … [Read more...]

An Amazing Pile of Ice

So I know I have some online readers who have been waiting to hear about my trip to Alaska, and some real life friends, who apparently would rather see them on my blog than come to my home and see the pictures I took (you know who you are…). So … [Read more...]

Funchal is a Beautiful City

I sit here on this rainy morning and remember a day last spring when my family was fortunate enough to visit the city of Funchal on the island of Madeira (Portugal) on our Disney Transatlantic Cruise. The city is beautiful with chapels and old … [Read more...]

Bound For Barcelona – We Made It!

Barcelona, is the second largest city in Spain.  It is situated in the heart of the Catalonia region.  Barcelona preserves its historic palaces, museums and centuries-old churches. Barcelona's known history begins with the ancient Romans, who … [Read more...]

Bound For Barcelona – Our Last Day At Sea

Our last day at sea was Earth Day, April 22nd.  It's hard to believe that at this point our cruise was almost over. We were quite busy on board today. We splurged a bit and played some Bingo.  We didn't win any cash prizes, but we did get a … [Read more...]

Bound For Barcelona – Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory perched on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.  It's geological features are stunning and it is filled with unspoiled natural beauty. At Gibraltar is the narrow neck that separates Europe from … [Read more...]

Bound for Barcelona – Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz is a city in southwestern Spain.  It is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe and hence is steeped in rich antiquity.  Cadiz  is one of 8 provinces that comprise the autonomous community of Andalucia. We spent our time here in two … [Read more...]

Bound For Barcelona – Another Day at Sea

The day in Madeira tuckered us out a bit after six days at sea!  So it was nice to be able to recoup from all that walking and rest again today. Disney brought one of their imagineers on board to give some seminars, Gary Landrum.  Gary gave a … [Read more...]

Bound For Barcelona – Madeira

Madeira, Portugal is located on a string of islands in the North Atlantic between Portugal and Africa.  It's known for its festive celebrations and we were fortunate enough to be there on the last day of their annual Flower Festival. There are … [Read more...]