Heading On Out

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After over a year ago when we first put our home up for sale, we’re finally at the crossroads of making our move down to Texas!  We closed on our home here on the 10th, and right now we’re bunkering down in a hotel in town, because we have a wedding to attend later today.

After the reception we’re heading south and we’ll drive for a few hours, so the drive on Sunday down to Texas won’t be quite so long. 

For any of my blog readers that pray, I’d really appreciate it if you’d pray for me for our drive tomorrow.  I don’t like to drive.  I’m not a confident driver.  And I don’t like to drive on my own.  9+ hours on the Interstate going through exchanges like Topeka and Oklahoma City, truly scares me, and I’m really nervous.

My husband will be leading in his car, and Amber will switch out between the two vehicles to keep us company.  We also bought a set of walkie talkies to communicate with in case either of us needs to stop for any reason.  Hopefully they’ll work if we need them!

Anyway – the next time I’m blogging live (I have some posts scheduled while I’m gone)…I’ll be blogging from Texas… I wonder if y’all will notice an accent in my writing …(<– see what I did there, LOL, okay so it wasn’t that funny, I’m feeling goofy today…)

23 thoughts on “Heading On Out

  1. Praying for you! I know how you feel, I don't like driving in new places, it makes me very nervous. 🙂 But, congrats on your move!

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