Wow, it’s Been a Whirlwind of a Week

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Before I let yet another day go by without posting, maybe I should tell you why my blog will have a few empty days in the coming months….we FINALLY sold our home! 

This has been such a whirlwind of a week.  Tired of seeing homes in the Dallas suburbs get snatched up from under us, we decided to do something REALLY crazy.  On May 22nd we put an offer on a house with only seeing pictures of it on the internet.  I KNOW RIGHT?!  We did have our real estate agent take a look at it, and knowing the market the way it is and wanting it, we offered a bit more than the asking price.  Talk about a leap of faith.  And we felt so sure that house was supposed to be ours because after doing that crazy deed, we got a phone call that we had an offer on our condo, after nearly 11 months on the market!! 

Well we ended up being outbid on that home, but God always knows better than us – and while we were disappointed, it got our butts in gear on doing things we had not yet done, like getting pre-approved for a mortgage and calling movers to see if they could fit us in.  But it also meant we had to find another home in a hot market and fast!

So Memorial Day we hopped in the car and headed south.  My husband is a peach because he drove the whole way (it’s about a 13 hour drive).  Driving through Kansas was so stressful because it poured so hard we couldn’t even see the vehicles in front of us even with the wipers at their highest speed.  Taking the I-35 down from there took us through Moore OK, almost exactly to the hour a week after the devastating tornado hit.  Driving by all the debris was simply heartbreaking.

Tuesday morning we started house hunting.  We had sent our agent a list of 12 homes the Friday before we left, and three of them were already sold before we even arrived! 

The first house we saw I had looked at online and the pictures didn’t do it justice.  It was beautiful.  We spent quite a bit of time in it.  The sellers were quite welcoming to the prospective buyers and left out chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and water bottles.

We kept looking, the second house wasn’t up our alley, the third house was okay but not really what we were looking for, the fourth house was just plain scary, the fifth house was one my husband really wanted to see and it was the one he was hoping we would buy from the pictures we saw online, but it was not nearly as nice as the pictures online made it look.  The last house we looked at that morning, was also very nice, but it was a little smaller than we wanted and quite a hike for my husband to drive to work.

Our agent took us to lunch, and we sat and talked about it and we decided with how fast houses are selling, we wanted to go back and look at the first house and see it again.  So we went back there after lunch and decided we didn’t even want to spend the rest of the afternoon looking at other houses that might be disappointing, and we would put in an offer on that one.  We were a little worried because the listing agent was showing it that afternoon also, and we thought we would be outbid again because we couldn’t offer any more on this property because it was at the top of our price range.  But we got a call the next day that they accepted our offer!  It’s a good thing too, because the two backup houses that we had considered putting offers in if we didn’t get this one had sale pendings on them the next day already!  We would have been starting from scratch again.

(That’s the back of my new home!)

We had the inspection done and it went as well as it could considering the house is 26 years old.  We’re a bit a lot overwhelmed with thinking about home and yard maintenance again since we’ve lived in a condo for the last 7 years.  And because we have a creek behind this home and lots of trees, supposedly we have to be alert for rodents….EEK!  LOL. 

So recap – in one week, we bid on a house unseen <– lost the bid on said house, sold a house, drove 13 hours and bought a house. 

And now tomorrow we drive the 13 hours back to South Dakota and then comes the chaos of packing and what not in the six weeks before we move to Texas!

So if you notice a day or two in between postings, it’s likely because I’m knee deep in packing paper and tape.  Feel free to nudge me on Facebook or by e-mail, or send caffeine …lots of it!

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