The Summer I Spent in Work Boots

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I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to do extensive traveling in my life.  From coast to coast across North America to Europe, Africa and Asia, I’ve seen the beautiful topography and gotten to appreciate different cultures all over the world.

One of my most memorable experiences was the summer I spent in work boots.  Yes, work boots.  As part of a Teen Missions trip, I got to travel to Cameroon, West Africa where a group of us worked on building a home for a camp administrator.  25 years ago though, it wasn’t an easy task to find the required foot wear for my tiny feet.  That was of course before online shopping, and after much hunting around the city we finally found a pair.  How much easier it would have been if I could have just gone to Work Boots Butler Pa on the interwebs and ordered a pair for delivery?!  This is me                             and my…

The funny part about the work boots, is that we needed to wear them all.the.time. (well minus sleeping and bathing.)  Imagine a team of 30 teens, stomping through JFK with these clunky boots on their feet!  When the summer was over we took a brief week and transitioned back to ‘real life’ in Paris and Switzerland — yes, and even there we wore the work boots!  

At the time it seemed a bit ridiculous, but looking back, I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.  And the mission organization, well they knew what we didn’t…we NEEDED those work boots.  Rainy season in Africa – well let’s just say you don’t want to be walking around in flip flops, because we looked like this most days:

I wanted to keep those boots when the summer was over, as a preservation of all the neat things I got to do, and the life long friendships I made that summer – but alas, they were GROSS.  The first thing my mom did when I got home was throw them out!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own

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Published by Tammy Litke