My Baby’s All Grown Up and College Prep

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I mentioned the other day, that in less than 3 weeks our daughter will turn 17.  Where has the time gone?!  We’re almost finished her junior year of high school, and college prep is right on target.

With the SAT under her belt we’re at the point where she has most of her preliminary ducks in a row to get into the college of her choice, which with the impending move and her senior year looming before us is at least one thing we don’t have to worry about.

Even though we’re pretty confident she’ll get accepted into the program she wants, we do have a plan B and plan C, which include some other schools and degree paths.  

As for this next year, she doesn’t have very many credits left to obtain, so we’ve considered some christian online degree programs, where she could perhaps get some dual high school / college credits in order to have less of a study load her freshman year.

Once we’re settled in our new home, I’d also like to look for a few art enrichment courses and computer programming courses since those are the things she’s interested in the most and will likely use the most in her future schooling and career.

I’m still finding it tough to believe that the 6 pound 19″ little babe I brought home is almost an adult and ready to leave home!

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