Wise Words for Marriage

plan your wedding stress freeWhen we were engaged to be married, the pastor who was marrying us, required pre marriage counseling.  Some of the wise words he imparted to us were that marriage is not a contract it’s a covenant.  If you want to know exactly what that means, look up both words in the dictionary and you’ll see the difference between them.

He also gave us some ‘marriage math’.  In marriage your problems are halved and your joys are doubled.

My husband and I will be celebrating 27 years of marriage next April.  It hasn’t always been easy but recalling those words has pushed me more than once into dropping my attitude and working at keeping the promises I made to my husband on our wedding day.

Reality TV shows are probably not the best gauge, but we watch The Amazing Race, and it always shocks me to see the complete lack of respect that the majority of the dating, engaged and married couples have for one another.

Rather than working together and having patience and support for each other to accomplish a goal that could potentially fulfill life long dreams for their family; they fight, bicker, name call and degrade their partner.

Some will say that the stress, lack of sleep and TV cameras (plus some creative editing) have some effect on the way they treat each other, but that can’t explain it all away.

Watching these couples, always reminds me of the wisdom that our pastor shared.  I have a funny feeling that racing for $1,000,000 causes more marriage problems than it’s worth.

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