Kraft Fresh Take – Cheese Breadcrumb Mix

When I was at the Kraft BlogEats conference last October we got to try out a brand new product that was completely under embargo for us to talk about. It was still so “secret” that we couldn’t even mention it was going to be in the stores this year. But now we can and I’m excited to share it with you.

You might have already seen it in your dairy section along with the shredded cheeses and such – it’s called Fresh Take and what it does is make a home cooked meal easier!

Tassimo Single Cup Beverage System – Giveaway – #BlogEats

If there is one thing that I am picky about it’s my coffee.  I can handle sub-par food, but not coffee.  My coffee needs to be just right or I can get kind of crabby about it.  When I was at the BlogEats conference, Kraft had set up a couple of Tassimo machines with assorted hot beverages for us to enjoy with our breakfast.  Yes while the Tassimo is made by Bosch, the T-Discs that you use with the Tassimo system are produced by Kraft Foods (who knew right?!) 

Holiday Entertaining – Huge Box of Kraft Foods Products Giveaway – #BlogEats

I hope you have all enjoyed the posts I’ve shared about my time at the Kraft Innovations Kitchen and BlogEats Conference.

Rounding up this series of posts, I have a terrific giveaway featuring some of the products I featured on my blog and many, many more!

Holiday Entertaining with Jell-O and Wheat Thins – #BlogEats

More goodies from that big Kraft Foods box!  (Yes, only a few more days until I offer up that box of food samples as a giveaway here on my blog!)

Kraft Sizzling Salads – #BlogEats

So I’m going to be honest here, my family does not eat veggies much.  Their idea of vegetables is corn (which I keep telling them is a grain, not a vegetable…sigh).  I mean I make other vegetables, carrots, broccoli, etc. but they don’t appreciate the taste of them, I don’t know where I went wrong, personally I LOVE vegetables. 

I Rode ShotBun! – #BlogEats

Now don’t get all green eyed and jealous on me, but when we were out at the Kraft Innovations Kitchen for BlogEats…they treated us to a special ride.  They pulled out all the stops and brought out the Wienermobile! Yeah Baby!

Food Photography – Tips from Caroline Lubbers – #BlogEats

creative commons: by pixie meatEven if you don’t blog I’m sure you take pictures of food.  Whether it’s the cake you slaved over for your son’s first birthday or the recreation of your great-grandmother’s potato salad.  Whatever it is you’re taking pictures of, you want it to look edible.

One of the neat things the coordinators of the BlogEats Conference did for us was bring in Caroline Lubbers of Whipped to give us some tips on Food Photography.

VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets – #BlogEats

VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets is a dinner kit (with multiple flavor pouches and creamy Velveeta cheese sauce) that is an easy way for moms to make a meal with just one pound of chicken or beef, and her skillet.

Make a Winter Wonderland With Your Kids in the Kitchen – #BlogEats

Without a doubt my favorite part of the BlogEats conference was the Blogger Recipe Challenge.

We were divided up into 4 teams by choosing spatulas with numbers on them and given a mission to make a holiday dessert using any or all of the following Kraft Foods ingredients; OREO Cookies, Planters Peanut Butter and/or Jell-O Chocolate or Vanilla Instant Pudding.

Peanut Butter Gingerbread Cookie Balls Recipe

While I was at the Kraft Innovations Kitchen BlogEats conference I got to eat a lot of food.  A LOT!  They provided us with recipes for all the fun things they made and one of the recipes was for OREO-Pumpkin Cookie Balls,