Holiday Entertaining with Jell-O and Wheat Thins – #BlogEats

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More goodies from that big Kraft Foods box!  (Yes, only a few more days until I offer up that box of food samples as a giveaway here on my blog!)

Jell-O has added a special seasonal touch to their instant pudding – so you can use them on their own or in dessert recipes.  Candy Cane and Gingerbread flavors will be available for a limited time during the holidays.

Wheat Thins are now available in the limited edition Sweet Cinnamon flavor.  These 9.5 oz boxes will be available until December 31st.  The taste is perfect for the celebratory holiday season.

I often end up leaving things until the last minute – and the above picture makes a perfect edition to a holiday gathering, but takes little to no time to make!  It’s just the Cinnamon Wheat Thins and the Jell-O Candy Cane pudding used as a dip.  It’s a great combination of taste and texture.  Cool and warm, smooth and crunchy!  The pudding soft sets in as little as 5 minutes, so it’s easy to whip together when you’re literally running out the door (or someone’s coming in the door!).

If you are interested in using Jell-O products in your entertaining this season, they have introduced 15 new attention-stealing holiday recipes that will amaze your guests and have them assuming you spent hours in the kitchen.  You can see the entire recipe collection at

I was invited to participate in a behind-the-scenes blogger conference with the Kraft Kitchens, for which Kraft provided full travel expenses, meals and accommodations and product samples, coupons and premiums, however my opinions are completely my own and I have not been compensated to publish positive or negative reviews of the event or products associated with my experience.

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