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DIY Chalkboard Hydration Chart | Inspired by Crystal Light Drink Mixes

Are you like me and find it difficult to get your suggested water intake each day?  I have no problems drinking my fair share of coffee or pop, but water... that's a whole different story.  Adding Crystal Light drink mixes is an easy fix that makes water more flavorful, but for me if the packages are not front and center when I'm opening the fridge, I'll reach for something else.  So, I solved that problem by making my own Chalkboard Hydration Chart, where I can track my water intake daily/weekly AND have the Crystal Light packets close at hand, so no excuses!

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Brad Paisley + The Kraft Great American Bacon Cheeseburger

Kraft Foods banner 4

This summer we spent a lot of time entertaining family and friends on our back deck.  The grill got a good work out which I loved because it allowed me to spend more time with our company than in the kitchen.  From Kool-Aid and Cool Whip to KRAFT Singles, KRAFT Foods helps me create meals with less hassle but still full of flavor.

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Easy Cheesy Chicken Taco Casserole with Kraft Pourables Dressing Recipe

cheesy chicken taco casserole pan #fooddeservesdelicious #shop

Since we moved to Texas, I've been feeling as if I need to up my ante when it comes to sauce recipes.  We've been busy familiarizing ourselves with our community and the local businesses, many of which happen to be taco restaurants.  I think in a 5-mile radius of our home there is one on every other corner (okay, I may be exaggerating a bit..but not much!).  The pickiest taste-buds this side of Jupiter live in my home though so I need to do a bit of improvising.  I'd love to make dishes that incorporate a sauce that has a 'Tex-Mex' flavor, but my family hears 'Tex-Mex' and runs for cover.

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#Ad | We're a Family of Hunger Heroes - We Fight Hunger, One Kid at a Time

In all our years combined (and my husband has 50 of them to his life so far!) no one in our family knows what it is like to be hungry.  We can reach into the pantry, fridge or freezer for anything from a juice drink to chicken nuggets at any given time.  After having a child of my own, I had a keen passion for helping the plight of hungry kids in my own community who might go to bed with an empty stomach at night.

The Hunger Heroes campaign is all about action.  It's about turning families into superheroes, and tapping into the incredible power of giving. 

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The Nostalgia of Kool-Aid Drinks for an Outdoor Summer Celebration

NEW! Kool-Aid 96 oz Ready to Serve #shop

This whole high school graduation season of life has been so busy AND so much fun for us.  It was ALL about Amber.  She had a great time hanging out with long time and new friends, reminiscing about her school years and eating and doing all the things she liked.  Amber's always been fond of Kool-Aid fruit drinks so when I was shopping at Walmart for her graduation open house party, I made sure to pick up the new 96 oz. bottles of Kool-Aid.

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Ravioli and Zucchini Cheese Bake

I don't think life gets any crazier than in the month of December. Between every day activities and then all the holiday hustle and bustle I feel like I need a 27 hour day to fit every thing in. I don't want to drop the proverbial ball though when it comes to dinner, but at this time of the year I'm all about quick and easy.

In my family a "perfect" recipe needs just three things: pasta, sauce and cheese. But I'm trying to find a way to sneak some healthier food in where possible and a ravioli baked dish seemed like a great opportunity for just that. The problem?

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Warm up for National Coffee Day with Foam at Home from Gevalia!

It's National Coffee Day today!  Yipee!  (not that I need an excuse to drink coffee) 

Gevalia is giving coffee lovers another reason to wake up and savor the taste of rich, never bitter coffee without ever leaving their homes. For those who love starting cozy fall mornings with a warm Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato or Mocha Latte, Gevalia Coffee’s new K-Cups deliver three premium coffee flavors in-home, made with real milk and topped with a velvety layer of foam!

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Getting Back to Routine with POLLY-O/KRAFT String Cheese - Giveaway

I can hardly believe how fast this summer flew by, between packing and moving and unpacking...well yeah, I blinked and it's the end of August!  The older I'm getting the faster time seems to go.

Some of you have already been posting your "First Day of School" pictures on Facebook (and boy are your kids cute with their new backpacks & sneakers!), others get to soak up the sun for a few more days yet - but regardless, I'm sure whether you're already back at school or are heading there within the next couple of weeks, the days are getting more hectic. 

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Brown Rice Recipe Inspired by Triscuit Real Foods

I'm trying to make it a priority to eat healthier in our home. Sometimes that can be hard to do when you're feeding picky eaters though.

Since we're big snackers, I'm starting there, replacing chips and cookies with more wholesome options.

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New Kraft Recipe Makers - 2 Cooking Sauces & Recipe

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know that I'm all about tasty but simple meals.  I want things to taste like I've slaved all day in the kitchen, but i don't want to be all day in the kitchen.  So I often use some packaged products along with some fresh products to accomplish that.  Kraft Recipe Makers are exactly the kind of "help" I'm looking for to take dinner to the next level and using them cuts dinner prep to an amount of time I'm comfortable with.

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Gevalia or Starbucks? You Decide...Others Have See What They Think {Giveaway}

Did you know that based on a national taste test1 of Gevalia House Blend and Starbucks House Blend conducted by an independent third party, that 59.7% of coffee drinkers preferred the taste of Gevalia House Blend over Starbucks House Blend?

Have you tried and compared?

I was given the opportunity to try the Gevalia House Blend for morning coffee at Blissdom.

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KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese, "You know you love it." Giveaway

I didn't grow up eating macaraoni & cheese, we were a strict "meat & potatoes" kind of family.  When my husband and I got married, and he requested I make mac & cheese for dinner I was somewhat flabbergasted - I mean he's a grown man only kids eat mac & cheese, right?!  It could only be the "blue box" though, and somehow that iconic brand of KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese found its way into our shopping cart frequently :)

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New 0-Calorie Crystal Light Liquid

Crystal Light is excited to announce a fabulous new addition to its drink mixes - 0-calorie Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix. That's right, breakthrough flavor with 0 calories.

It's available in Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Iced Tea, Mango Passionfruit, Peach Bellini and Pomtini flavors. The liquid drink mix comes in a 1.62 fl oz bottle and has enough to flavor 24 servings of water. Plus it is sugar free (the product is sweetened with a blend of non-nutritive sweeteners) and it is gluten free as well.

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iD Gum Introduces ArtCade - Give Away

Kraft Foods recently debuted their new gum for teens, iD Gum. It's kinda more than gum. Kinda Amazing. iD Gum offers up a delicious twist to the flavors you love – Peppermint, BerryMelon, and Spearmint – and is packaged in a sleek, innovative, folding pack featuring a new and unexpected magnetic closure. iD Gum is delivered in a semi-transparent cellophane wrapper that hints at what's inside the pack.

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Celebrating Our Daughter with #CoolWhipFrosting ~ #CBias

Regular readers of my blog will know about our family's ongoing saga of testing and moving with our high school aged daughter. For those of you who don't…let me do a brief catch up for you!

We homeschool our 16 year old daughter Amber. She's the kind of kid who when she gets interested in something, gets a little obsessed with it and focuses her energy into it hook, line and sinker. For her that happens to be video games, fantasy realms, writing and drawing.

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