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Spooky Halloween Recipes: Potion Punch & Swamp Apples

It’s been a long time since we’ve done any kind of Halloween Celebrations around our home, but I’m always up for creating – and so when I had the opportunity to come up with some ‘Spooky’ Halloween Recipes using 7Up, Hawaiian Punch and M&M’s, I was up for the challenge.

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Peachy-Keen Smoothies

It’s that time of the year.  We aren’t ready for summer to end, but we’re heading into autumn.  This is a great smoothie recipe that I got from a Family Fun magazine that combines the sweetness of summer peaches with the warm flavors of fall.  The best of both!

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Green Tea Mango Energy Smoothie

Mangoes were on sale at the store last week for 48¢, and I had just gotten a package delivered with some Lung Ching Dragonwell green tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf thanks to a Klout perk.  So when I was flipping through my August issue of Woman’s Day and saw Joy Bauer’s Energy Smoothie recipe, featuring green tea and mango, well I knew I had to make it.

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Raspberry Smoothie
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Rockin’ Raspberry Smoothie

Smoothies are one of my favorite quick, healthy things to make, and this recipe is perfect, it was even slurped up by the pickiest of eaters.  It’s good for hot summer days and it’s simple to make.  You could really add any of your favorite fruit instead of raspberries and make this smoothie all your own.

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S’mores Iced Coffee Featuring Maxwell House Single Serve Cups

I grew up in a home full of coffee drinkers and I started drinking coffee when I was 15.  But now I live in a home where I’m the only coffee drinker and brewing a whole pot of coffee (or even half a pot) for little ole me, just doesn’t make sense.  Not because I wouldn’t drink half a pot (or a whole one at that), but because I like my coffee brewed fresh. 

And this is my solution…

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Strawberry Delight Shredded Wheat Smoothie

In my efforts to clean out my pantry and freezers before we move, I’m getting very creative with the contents inside them!

I’m not a fan of drinking milk straight up or having it with my cereal either, but add it to a smoothie and I’ll toss it back.  Armed with a box of Strawberry Delight Mini Wheats and some frozen strawberries I decided to try making a smoothie and see how it turned out.

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Pumpkin Pie Cooler

There are days I’m so thankful that I no longer work a 9 to 5 job, with just two fifteen minute coffee breaks. I get to have coffee break whenever I want to by blogging….and believe me, it’s a whole lot more than just two!

I have a ‘Coffee Bar’ set up in my dining room with coffee machines, a proliferation of hot and cold beverage flavors, sugars, creamers and syrups. And the other day I added to them a couple of Torani Syrups for some more fun to stir into my caffeine choices.

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Lemon Iced Tea JELL-O Spritzer

Country Time Lemonade has been quenching summer thirsts for a long time.  This summer they’re doing what the golfers do and switching it up a bit.  Half lemonade, half iced tea.  It’s called Country Time Half & Half.

I wanted to do something different with this besides just mix it up and put it in a pitcher, so I did some looking on Kraft’s website to find a recipe to use it with and took the basic JELL-O Spritzer recipe and used this product with it.  Can I say truly delicious?!

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Kentucky Derby Inspired Iced Tea from Pure Leaf

Wow, I can’t believe that I already leave for the Kentucky Derby tomorrow! There are a few things that are iconic to the Derby; The Hot Brown, a sandwich made at The Brown where we’ll be staying, the hats, and Mint Juleps of course!

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Silk Fruit&Protein Smoothie Recipes #CBias #SilkFruit

In case you didn’t listen to your mom when you were little “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. And while I’m not the best at making sure my family always gets it; protein is an important part of breakfast, because it keeps you full until the next snack or meal.

If you’re a regular blog reader than you’ll know that a while back I did a review on Silk Fruit&Protein here on my site. Well today I’m going to share a couple of smoothie recipes that I concocted using two of the flavors they offer, Mango Peach and Strawberry Banana.

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