Rockin’ Raspberry Smoothie

When someone looks inside our grocery cart and sees how many items are in there from the refrigerated dairy case, I’m certain they think I’m shopping for a family of six.  I just really like the different kinds of food products I can find in it to use in my daily meal planning.  Don’t just be thinking milk, cheese and eggs, remember there is a lot more to be had in the dairy aisle at the store.  You’ll find juice, spreads and easy snack options like cookie dough there too!

I can’t tell you how much simpler products from the dairy aisle make my life.  We can consume a lot of them just as they’re packaged, and others are indispensable to have around for recipes.  I’m so thankful for a large refrigerator to store it all in!

There are a few items that we stock up on each week from the dairy aisle, one of them is yogurt.  My husband consumes that daily to help maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.  I like to have it on hand so I can make smoothies on a moment’s notice.  The refrigerated dairy section is where you will find health and taste. I also buy cheese strings every week for our daughter to snack on. They make great snacks to accompany cut up veggies and dip <– which you’ll also find in the dairy case!

There’s so much to choose from in the dairy aisle.  It really is a destination for mealtime inspiration.  Which is why The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) has teamed up with chef and culinary expert, Aida Mollenkamp, to show families the creative things they can make from foods in the refrigerated dairy aisle.

Chef Aida, has created recipes using foods found in the refrigerated dairy aisle.  Each recipe consists of a balance of health and taste, and shows off the foods’ real, simple, farm-grown ingredients.

If you want to be inspired to new heights in your own kitchen, during the year, you can find ideas on The Dish Diary Tumblr – The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association’s photo blog.

If you’re looking for additional ideas to add items found in the dairy aisles to your meals you can also visit, and their social media accounts located at, and

But back to the dairy aisle. I shared with you about our Teen Beach Movie party we had, where I made Rockin’ Raspberry Smoothies for the gang.  Smoothies are one of my favorite quick, healthy things to make, and this recipe is perfect, it was even slurped up by the pickiest of eaters.  It’s good for hot summer days and it’s simple to make.  You could really add any of your favorite fruit instead of raspberries and make this smoothie all your own.

Raspberry SmoothieFor this smoothie, I slightly altered the recipe that Disney has in their online Teen Beach Movie Party Kit.

I used 1 cup of 0% fat plain Greek yogurt, 1 cup of frozen raspberries, 1/2 cup of skim milk, and 3 tablespoons of honey.

Put all of that in a blender, mix it up and pour into glasses.  I garnished mine with some additional raspberries.

What is your favorite dairy aisle food ingredient to make a quick and easy family dinner or snack?