SKINNYGIRL COCKTAILS: 100 Fun & Flirty Guilt-Free Recipes

I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

Bethenny Frankel is the four-time bestselling author of Skinnydipping, A Place of Yes, Naturally Thin, and The Skinnygirl Dish. She is the creator of the Skinnygirl brand—which extends to cocktails, fitness, and health and focuses on practical solutions for women.

Her newest book, SKINNYGIRL COCKTAILS: 100 Fun & Flirty Guilt-Free Recipes (Touchstone Paperback; October 28, 2014; $15.00) is full of amazingly delicious guilt-free 150-calorie cocktails and recipes for any fun-filled party. Bethenny offers one hundred of her favorite cocktails and party-foods for any occasion, from theme parties to romantic evenings to “girls only” nights.  SKINNYGIRL COCKTAILS has everything you need to throw a fabulous party including appetizer ideas, party planning tips and the essentials for your home bar.

I had a fantastic White Russian at Type-A conference last month, but how about a delicious and simple low-calorie version of that classic drink?  Yes, please!

slimmed-down version of a White Russian

the sexy russian

You can’t say nyet to this slimmed-down version of a White Russian

1 1/2 ounces Vodka
1 1/2 ounces Kahlua or other coffee liqueur
3 ounces skim milk, 2% milk, or soy or almond milk

Combine the vodka, coffee liqueur and milk with ice in a cocktail shaker, and shake well.  Strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass.

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Page 127 – Skinnygirl Cocktails by Bethenny Frankel a Touchstone book

Now that’s an after-dinner decadence I don’t have to feel guilty about!

The tips in the book are great, like filling your glass up with ice because as the ice melts the extra water will help keep you hydrated.  With the holidays coming up, this book will help you keep the calories down and you’ll still be able to have a cocktail or two without adding extra holiday pounds!

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10 thoughts on “SKINNYGIRL COCKTAILS: 100 Fun & Flirty Guilt-Free Recipes

  1. I'm not a drinker (I quit years ago), but this looks very tasty. I might have to give this a try on New Years. Shh! Don't tell my husband I said that (he'd flip lol)

  2. Mmmm… nothing like a delicious cocktail without the worry of all the calories! I often stick to beer because it's lower-cal than most cocktails!

  3. I'm obsessed with Bethenny! I love her Skinnygirl line so this book would be a perfect addition to my collection!

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