Bound For Barcelona – Sea Day 6

Wow! The last of our six days in a row at sea!  It was quite an experience.  The ocean was quite rough this day, the waves topping out at about 13 feet.  That makes for a rocking boat!  The swimming pools were instantly turned into wave pools!

Bound For Barcelona – Sea Day 5

Courtesy of LyncornOur fifth day at sea was another day where we chose not to do very much.  We went to the theater and watched Sherlock Holmes.  I admit to having been a bit tired and dozed off during the movie!  I did think it was good though.  Amber really liked it and watched it again on the plane home from Barcelona to Atlanta.

Bound For Barcleona – Sea Day 4

Courtesy of LyncornWhere but on a Disney cruise ship could you attend a Paint Fest at Sea?  This event held for two hours on our fourth sea day, was so that the cruisers could help paint a mural designed by Don “Ducky” Williams.  But once again, my family slept until the late morning, and by the time we had finished breakfast and popped in to do some painting the second hour, it was already completed!  There were obviously many enthusiastic artists on board!

Bound For Barcelona – Sea Day 3

Amber loves to draw and she is always busy with a pencil and her sketchpad bringing her imagination to life.  So she was especially interested in one of the special guests that Disney brought on board to do guest sessions Don “Ducky” Williams.

You may not recognize the name, but if you see a Disney Character on a brochure, billboard, or anything that doesn’t animate, Don Williams most likely drew it.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts marketing Senior Character Artist Don “Ducky” Williams has been creating magical Disney artwork for advertising projects, Theme Parks, TV and collectibles for over two decades. Despite his remarkable talent and vast following of fans, “Ducky” is a low- key, unpretentious fellow-every bit as lovable as the art he creates.

Bound For Barcelona – Sea Day 2

Courtesy of LyncornSea Days, ah so relaxing.  There is so much to do on the ship, but sometimes we just don’t want to do anything but sit around!

Sitting on the deck and just enjoying the sun and the salt air is really nice.  Seeing nothing but water all around you certainly makes you feel small!

Bound For Barcelona – Sea Day 1

Courtesy of LyncornOur first of the six days at sea.  Sleeping in is always on the top of the list!

One of the special family activities that they had on board was Boat Building with Goofy & Max.  Cruisers that signed up had 5 days to gather supplies from the ship (excluding furniture or decor) and make a boat that could hold a full can of Coke and float.  We decided to take the challenge of building that boat!

Bound For Barcelona – Castaway Cay

Courtesy of LyncornOne of the most fun places to visit in the Caribbean is an island you can only get to if you sail on a Disney cruise.  It’s Castaway Cay, and it’s Disney’s private island in the Bahamas.

All year round in the harbor you can see The Flying Dutchman.  This was actually used in the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Bound For Barcelona – Leaving Port Canaveral

Courtesy of LyncornWe actually started our journey on the 8th of April, driving from Nowheresville, SD to Minneapolis, MN where we would visit, spend the night and leave our car for two weeks with some friends.  On the 9th we headed off to the Minneapolis airport for our flight to Orlando.  

We spent the 9th in the Orlando airport and the night in the Hyatt airport hotel.  The Disney Cruise line uses it as a pick up point for shuttling people to Port Canaveral the day of departure.

Bright and early on the 10th we headed out on the bus to the port and began our trip.  

Disney Cruise Line – New Destination Teaser Trailers

As many of you know we are Disney Cruise Line Fans. We have taken three of their cruises already and have another one scheduled in April of 2010, which will be a 2 week transatlantic cruise.


In less than an hour Disney is going to announce an all new destination that one of their ships will cruise to. And I am so excited! I’m hoping it’s Alaska or Hawaii, but in any case the anticipation is all part of the fun.

Here are a couple of teaser trailers they put together, they’re awful cute!

I Love a Parade!

You know I just realized that there is no reason to have a parade in June . There are parades for Memorial Day in May and Independence Day in July, but alas there are no holidays in June for parades. I love parades! So…. I’ll make my own….here are some pictures of the fun parades […]