Bound For Barcelona – Sea Day 1

Courtesy of LyncornOur first of the six days at sea.  Sleeping in is always on the top of the list!

One of the special family activities that they had on board was Boat Building with Goofy & Max.  Cruisers that signed up had 5 days to gather supplies from the ship (excluding furniture or decor) and make a boat that could hold a full can of Coke and float.  We decided to take the challenge of building that boat!

Hubby and I caught the movie When In Rome in the Buena Vista Theatre later that afternoon.  Here’s a trailer for it.  Definitely a “chick flick”, more of a “renter” type movie than a must see in the theater.

The show in the evening show in the Walt Disney Theatre was Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story.  This Broadway style song and dance extravaganza begins where the classic Disney story ends.  In the musical, an all new character, the wicked fairy godfather, makes a pact with Cinderella’s stepmother guaranteeing that one of her two ugly daughters will received a marriage proposal by the prince, rather than Cinderella.   They are sent back in time and break the glass slipper, and everything seems to be going just as they planned….or does it?  (hint hint * true love ALWAYS wins out!*)

We didn’t take any pictures or take video of the show this cruise, but I did find this delightful video on YouTube with the first song from the show, “All Because Of A Shoe”, which incidentally was recorded from our last cruise in December of 2008. 

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  1. I just went on a cheap cruise last week and we docked beside a ship like yours. It looked AMAZING! It's so interesting to read all of your posts about your trip. 🙂

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