Bound For Barcleona – Sea Day 4

Where but on a Disney cruise ship could you attend a Paint Fest at Sea?  This event held for two hours on our fourth sea day, was so that the cruisers could help paint a mural designed by Don “Ducky” Williams.  But once again, my family slept until the late morning, and by the time we had finished breakfast and popped in to do some painting the second hour, it was already completed!  There were obviously many enthusiastic artists on board!

The painting was delivered to a children’s hospital in Barcelona, Spain.  That’s one of the many kinds of things that the cruise staff does as Disney VoluntEARs.  They go out into the ports of calls delivering toys to orphanages and food etc.  Even though we didn’t get to paint, we did get a set of VoluntEAR Mouse Ears to commerorate the occasion.

After that we went to a presentation by boat pilot, Captain Kenneth Puckett.  Captain Puckett piloted boats through the Panama Canal as part of his career.  He talked about our second port of call Madeira, which is an island that is part of Portugal.  He also shared with us statistical information about the Disney Magic as well as general seafaring knowledge.  One new thing I learned was about the flag on the Disney Magic.  It is divided up into quarters actually, the top left quarter of the flag shows the Bahamian flag because that is where the ship is registered.  The other three quarters are red.  That signifies that it is a merchant ship.

We took in the movie Old Dogs today too.  If you haven’t seen this Disney flick, and you want a good laugh, I encourage you to rent it.  It is SO funny.  Seriously, our belly’s hurt from laughing so hard, it’s hilarious.

The evening show featured the high-energy comedy of Alfred and Seymour.  They were very funny.  Whenever somebody stood up to leave the room they would yell out at them and chase them!  Between Old Dogs and this show, we had a day full of laughing!  Here is a video clip that I found on YouTube that someone taped from an earlier Disney Cruise where they performed.

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  1. I am so JEALOUS…….. I look like a trip of a life time and thanks for posting some pics & updates! Have lots of fun 🙂

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