AirPop Face Masks for Adults and Children

Oh 2020 — how different this year was for  all.the.things.  While the vaccines on the near horizon are hopeful news, most of us are still going to have to wear masks for a while yet.  AirPop is the world’s first Air Wearables company. Since 2015 (you know waaay before Covid-19 was a household word), the company has harnessed filtration science and technology to build high-performance products that deliver unrivaled comfort and breathability for millions of people worldwide.  AirPop face masks deliver superior performance by solving three critical issues: fit, filtration and breathability.  The revolutionary mask design includes a patented seal ensuring a secure fit, while the 3D Air Dome increases airflow for better breathability and comfort.

face masks

The mask has a contoured fit with an ultra-soft ergonomic foam that is shaped to fill the hard-to-seal area across the nose bridge, providing proper alignment and preventing glasses from fogging up.

Furthermore, AirPop masks combine a 4-layer filter material to create a barrier down to 0.3 microns, and their filters deliver greater than 99% effectiveness. 

Shown here are the AirPop Pocket.  It is a pack with 4 disposable masks.

The AirPop Pocket mask is designed for those who benefit from high portability and convenience.   It has a collapsable design, folding along dotted lines down to 25% of its original size. A specific case (sold separately) allows for greater hygienic storage and portability.

AirPop is designed for cumulative use and each mask delivers up to 40 hours of protection.  They come in both Adult and Kids sizes.  The pink one I am wearing in the photos is the kids size, so it is definitely an option for petite adults as well.

I made a bunch of masks for our trip to Disney World in fall but boy after wearing the AirPop face masks, I wish we would have had these for our trip.  I highly recommend them for traveling as I find them very comfortable to breathe in, and the filtering value for the length of an airline flight in my opinion is worth it.  Also if you, or your children, wear eyeglasses the foam bridge really does cut down on the glasses fogging up and that is also a great benefit of the AirPop masks.

AirPop face masks start at a retail price of $9.99.  The ones shown here run at $24.99 for the pack of 4.  That is 160 hours of protection.  You can find all AirPop multi-use disposable masks at or the AirPop website (  With face masks still being a needed accessory for months yet I’m sure, stick a pack in a few stockings this year!

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