unstable unicorns
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Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game made by TeeTurtle (yep that same company that has all those awesome fandom t-shirts). 
It’s about everyone’s two favorite things: Destruction & Unicorns.  The idea is simple:

1) Build your stable up with Unicorns
2) Defend your stable full of Unicorns
3) Attack your opponents and get rid of their Unicorns

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sweatshirt blanket
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Keep Cozy with The Comfy!

Flip the hood up, pull your legs in, and The Comfy sweatshirt blanket may be the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear.

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Ekster Wallet and Tracker
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Ekster 3.0 Wallet and Tracker

For an item that contains so much valuable information and is with you all day long, your wallet has so little security built into it.  That’s why Ekster® was born.  The three Dutch founders decided that they needed to develop something both efficient and secure for your pockets.

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AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate and Nanaimo Bars Recipe

We have this amazing no-bake treat called Nanaimo Bars.  It’s a cocoa graham crust with a vanilla middle layer and a chocolate ganache on top.  It’s labor intensive but worth every step because it’s divine.

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Torchy’s Tacos Delicious Holiday Deal

This holiday season lots of people are looking to shop local for everyone on their list from finding a great stocking stuffer to the perfect gift teachers, postman, coworkers and even your in-laws actually want! Luckily, Torchy’s Tacos is running a delicious holiday deal – when you buy a $25 gift card for someone on your list, you get a $5 gift card for yourself – win, win!  No joke!

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organic hair care
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Organic Hair Care for the Holidays

Claudia Carmicheal was a scientist and, as a mother of two with various health issues, she created Organic Hair Care because she learned about the issues with non-organic products and she wanted to create a synergy between science and nature, by offering safe, effective, and green beauty care. She can now ensure that harmful chemicals are kept out of their products, making it easier for families to find safe, natural alternatives for everyday beauty needs. All Organic Hair Care products are also manufactured in the US.

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Knot & Nest’s Personalized Gifts for the Holidays

Personalized gifts make great holiday presents and if you’re looking for ideas, consider selections from the Knot & Nest Shops on Etsy.  Besides Knot & Nest, they also have three other Etsy shops:  Nest & Branch, Branch & Root, and Totes Burlap.

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Stuck On You – Gift Options for Everyone!

“Labels for gifting? You say… ” Well quite honestly my pantry was a HOT MESS and I needed something to help me get organized in there.  Stuck On You pantry labels to the rescue!

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FM headphones
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Soundot AF1 FM Headphones for iPhone

Indulge your iPhone-loving loved one with crisp, clear sound ranging from rich bass to detailed treble with the Soundot AF1 FM Headphones ($80) that feature a 15mm woofer and 7mm tweeter dual-driver design. They’ll be able to take calls, listen to music and talk to Siri, and – as a bonus – they won’t miss a beat if they’re without internet.

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Paul Cardall Christmas
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Paul Cardall – Christmas

With music lovers streaming his songs more than 25 million times a month, it’s obvious Paul Cardall knows how to tap emotions through music.  The acclaimed composer/pianist does it again with CHRISTMAS.

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