7 Ways to Get Better Design Results with Old Furniture

It would be so great if you could renovate your furniture and get all the latest designs anytime, right? But wish as you may, sometimes there are neither funds nor much time to elevate the furniture game. But still, there is no need to let your old furniture look like its same drab self.

Interior design is more of style and how you can decorate or pair pieces with another showcase ware rather than how much you can spend or on. Just a few key changes in old furniture can change the whole outlook of your interior design! Here is what you should do:

old furniture

Get a spray paint done

If you do not like the look of your old furniture, it may not necessarily mean that your furniture needs to be swapped. Mostly, you could owe the dullness brought on by your furniture to the lack of sheen on it, which can be amended by the humble spray paint!

All you need to do is get your dull and lack-luster furniture to a well-ventilated area where it is safe to spray paint. Get a wood spray paint and a can of spray polish. You can choose to spray paint shades matching the original color of your furniture, or go for a totally different shade such as white! White sprayed paint on furniture looks truly magnificent and will give a striking appearance to any room that the furniture accommodates. You could also go for a lighter wood shade or maybe create a deeper brown if you want a woodsier look.

Get your reading glasses on!

While we are amping up how your interior design feels only by adding extra elements, why not try adding a few books to your old furniture? You will just need to grab a few magazines, self-help books, cookery books, coffee table books, wedding albums, photo albums, dictionaries, fictional books, or biographies.

Put the beautifully crafted covers of these books to some use and shift the focus from your old furniture to the shining elegance of your hardcovers or paperbacks. Place them at the end of the furniture tables or dressers. You can showcase them either horizontally or maybe with the spine out as it fits the vibe. To make it go with a sofa or a couch, just get a low table or side table and place your beloved books on it.

Lo and behold! Let all visitors be vowed by the lovely books without paying any attention to the furniture!

Get a custom canvas collage

One reason your furniture has started to look exceptionally drab is that there is nothing that goes well with it. Or, maybe there is not something else much more elegant to shift the focus of the viewer from the old furniture to the beautiful showpiece or decor item. But you can rectify it by getting your very own canvas.

Hence, instead of spending a great deal on a new piece of furniture, get yourself a custom from CanvasPop by choosing your favorite edge colors, canvas styles, and more. A combination of pictures in a canvas college will add much more depth to your living area.

Contrast or pair the color of your canvas collage with the old furniture in such a way that it looks striking when paired together!

Declutter some space

So, now that we are done adding some elements let us remove some, too. A cluttered space with too many showpieces, furniture pieces, or decor items lying around will truly bring highlighted focus to the shabbiness of your place’s design.

Hence, to create a sense of space, airiness and lessen the dreary outlook brought by your old furniture, you will need to take away some furniture pieces. If you have one too many seating arrangements such as stools, couches, sofa sets, etc., in your space, take out a few of these, and you will see that the design of your place will look instantly better!

You can also take away a few decor items that are quite outdated, along with old crafty products that no more look good.

Invest in quality fabrics

Furniture makeovers of sofa and couches are easy. All you will need to do is get a good fabric material, such as velvet, and carefully attach it with all the sofa’s original fabric seams. You could use hot glue to achieve the look or use high-duty safety pins to tuck the fabric in.

This will completely cover the color faded and dull old fabric of your sofa and make it look as good as new. You can also repurpose stools or patio chairs by gluing foam cushions and plush fabrics to transform their look.

old furniture

Bring home a turntable or a phonograph

Nothing can provide your old furniture a sense of belonging more than an equally old piece of the turntable, or maybe a phonograph. So, instead of upgrading or buying new furniture, which will probably cost you much more, a vintage turntable found on an online marketplace will not break your bank.

So, get a turntable or phonograph and place it on your old table, side table, dresser table and pair it with an odd number of decor items. If you are looking to upgrade the look and feel of a sofa or any other such furniture, just get a side table to go along the furniture piece and adorn it with your vintage turntable.

Showcasing some cassette records along with it will be the defining feature of your living area!

DIY resin cast

For furniture pieces such as dining tables that cannot accommodate showpieces or do well with any other furniture repurpose ideas, you can .

Just smooth down the surface of the dining table using sandpaper. Add some glitter and color to the resin cast. Pour this resin cast on the body and decorate it with gold flakes, more glitter, and dyed resin. Cure the resin using hot air, and you are done!


Old furniture can cause a major flaw in your interior design, but when amended using tasteful additions or repurposing, you can get the best from your worn furniture. After all, old is gold, right?!

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