Tips to Starting Your Own Indoor Plant Hire Business

Everyone desires a little touch of green. And since our affinity towards greenery is coded in our evolutionary biological make-up, plants have almost always found a place around humans.

Most homeowners these days want to sport indoor plants, balcony gardens, or at least, just a desk plant. Why? Simply because, indoor potted plants are a safer and less-committed way to do bring nature into one’s home.

On the other hand, you could be a pro with the proverbial green thumb. So, why not kindle the entrepreneurial spirit and set up your own indoor plant hire business? After all, everyone wants a plant in their homes and you might just make it work for them.

indoor plant hire

Why you should start your own indoor plant hire business?

The first requisite is an aptitude and love of gardening. Once you have established that your own potted plants portfolio is impressive and even embellished it with the tag of being the go-to person for plant advice—it is time to earn from it.

Generate income by connecting your passion with your profession. The start-up capital requirement for an indoor plant care business is very low relative to other businesses. Moreover, the job requirement is also quite easy as it entails just maintaining plants and flowers in homes and offices.

The steps towards a beginning

As with any business, careful planning always gives a better chance for success. Here are some tips:

  • Sort your paperwork. Get your business license and insurance in order. In addition to it, prepare a bookkeeping set up and marketing materials such as basic website, business cards, and flyers.  It’s also a good idea to do some , just to make sure you’re doing what you need to get ahead of your competition. 
  • Choose your products with care. There are many beautiful plants from which to choose, select the environments and zero in on a specialization such as container garden for small spaces, or multi-level garden. This will keep you ahead of the competition. Also, equip yourself with the right tools of the trade like watering cans, pest repellent, fertilizer, soil, shovels, and other essentials.
  • Decide on your target market. Identify prospective categories from office buildings and malls, real estate agents who stage listed homes for open houses, or homes and retirement communities. The service area will dictate your maintenance schedule.
  • Establish your source. You can purchase your plants from the local nurseries or commercial growers or even develop your own greenhouse down the line. The two important points here are investing in good-quality plants always notwithstanding the price and a strong partnership with your source.You can also consider reaching out to international partners for exotic plants that could attract more customers. Ugu, a type of Nigerian pumpkin, for example, can be a stand-out plant that no other indoor plant hire business would offer. Naturally, this means establishing a strong partnership with Nigerian vendors and finding safe ways to . But it’s worth exploring international partnerships for commercial benefits.
  • Plan and maintain a schedule. Feeding, watering, trimming, transplanting, and replacing plants in client’s site are the many responsibilities. Adhere to your routine and let your welcoming foliage be its own advertisement.

indoor plant hire

Start slow, start small and avoid hoarding supplies or compromising on quality. With a bit of dedication, you can soon set up a thriving business. The buzzword of beginning is to constantly keep upgrading your skills and providing matchless service. Customize your approach to please clients whether its maintenance, or interior landscaping. For more ideas, you can ask for advice from the experts of Gaddy’s .

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