Customized Wedding Invitations

Sending invitations with photos is now easier than ever before, even for those anxious to plan a wedding party. Some are set in the customary style of light pink, light blue, or even lavender with a white background. Designs are formalized to represent the classic wedding cake with all of its trimmings, the curves and the flowers that resemble the newlywed’s latest journey into divine matrimony. The website gives new couples the option to design their own invitations in a way that is DIY-friendly.

Perhaps the most popular way to express the meaning behind your special day is to capture it with a photo. In fact, are an excellent way of capturing that moment of romance leading to the greatest event of all.

custom wedding invitations

Classic examples of artistic details that add to the moment of real love include a vineyard, woodland designs, floral arrangements, or even something practical, such as geometric patterns or shapes. Others may include simple hearts or a background in watercolor to soften the moment.

Some couples may choose to add a touch of class by turning the design up a notch. Using foil mixes very well with a white and light pink or light blue background. Plus, the foil’s silver metallic hue can add a touch of the somber and the formal, thus making it clear to your guests just how serious your love really is. Furthermore, this fine, delicate metallic frame adds a gilded touch which suggests that your bond is destined to last through the ages. When combined with a white and light pink background, it gives the added Mother of Pearl touch. Perhaps the reason goes well beyond the bridal gown, as a pearlesque aura adds to the romantic ambiance of the moment.

Each invitation should be carefully crafted to tell a story. Any font, from cursive to calligraphy, is a timeless favorite of most customers. Calligraphy simply adds a delicate beauty that is artistic prose in motion. Basic monograms of each person getting married seal the deal, as they are also most likely to appear on wedding bands as well.

A radiant design is crafted in burgundy and comes with a crest on top to represent the union. The burgundy color adds a touch of class with its formality and even hints at a sense of tradition. The crest is something that is circular and comes with leaves, flowers, and the like. It can be custom-made with rounded edges, squared ones, or a classical crest with thin, smooth curves.

For you elegant types, the wedding invitation cards from the Martha Stewart collection are best. Most come with a detailed floral design, one of which has a blue rose crafted in airbrush amid a pure white background. The back has a continuous flow of butterflies, roses, and lilies, all with the romantic pattern of a trail of flowers left by your significant other on the brink of Valentine’s Day. The front piece captures the calligraphy in a crest of blue roses, where the couple’s names are added along with dates, locations and times. Another set from this famous collection includes a simple watercolor with hues of bright pink, light blue leaves, and a customized print with the couple to be wed. Click on the other half listed below and the card turns over to reveal the same watercolor floral design. And just like the aforementioned invitation set, the colors blend well with a strong background of comforting off-white.

Perhaps the greatest reason for this fine pearl coloration goes well beyond the bridal gown. And it is far more than that fine tiered wedding cake; the colors speak of a springtime of love, a true romantic Renaissance that goes well beyond the month of June.

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