Unstable Unicorns Card Game

I received some game media samples from TeeTurtle for Unstable Unicorns at no cost to myself.  All opinions are my own.

Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game made by TeeTurtle (yep that same company that has all those awesome fandom t-shirts). 

unstable unicorns

It’s about everyone’s two favorite things: Destruction & Unicorns.  The idea is simple:

1) Build your stable up with Unicorns
2) Defend your stable full of Unicorns
3) Attack your opponents and get rid of their Unicorns

So we decided to play this game on a Friday social night with some friends last week.  There were eight of us playing, which since we had the max number made it more fun.  The box states 2-8 players, but I’d recommend at least three or four, otherwise you’ll have to pull cards out of the deck that don’t work well with just two players.

The set up is fairly clear with a pile of cards you draw from, a discard pile and then each person builds a stable in front of themselves with the cards from their hand. 

The instructions on the other hand were a bit murky for us at the start.  Maybe it’s because we’re all over 40, or maybe because when we began most of us had already started drinking… either way after a couple rounds of playing we caught on to the gist of the game play and were having SO much fun.  It helped having a dedicated person with the instruction paper to guide us with the card descriptors.   Don’t give up at the beginning if you are frustrated with it, it starts moving at a pretty good pace once the players understand the card functions. 

While the game play requires some strategy, some of it is also luck and the cards themselves provide a great amount of fun and laughter. 

Once you’ve exhausted playing with the starter deck you can add some expansion decks in, with these the game has a lot of replay ability. 

Unstable Unicorns

Our two favorite expansion packs were the NSFW (which also has some alternate game play styles) and the Dragon one. 

The “neigh” cards allow you to negate an action played against your stable, they are themed per expansion pack so the artwork on those is a lot of fun. 

It’s a fun card game to add to your game cabinet IF you have the patience to get through a few rounds of stilted game play to learn it.  I’d heed the warning of 14+ on the age as some cards even in the main deck may be inappropriate for younger players.  

You can find Unstable Unicorns (as well as other Unstable party games) for purchase at TeeTurtle.com and Amazon.com, as well as other retailers.

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