Our Favorite Pearl Wedding Styles

Pearl jewelry pieces for the wedding are the ultimate classic. A gorgeous necklace, bracelets, or a pair of earrings can glam up the big day and make you look stunning.

Worn by brides for generations, a gorgeous pearl jewelry set can make you stand out on the wedding day and many occasions afterward. You can even save them as a keepsake or pass to the next generations.

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Stunning Pearl Wedding Styles

Here are a few unique pearl jewelry ideas that you can put on your special day and beyond. Remember that these choices are not limited to these selections because many designers these days are using this precious natural stone to create spectacular pieces.

Pearl Wedding Necklaces

The timeless jewelry piece that is still the top choice of many brides-to-be. A white pearl necklace will create harmony with the white wedding dress. However, if you are not strictly traditional, spice things up with a necklace featuring pink, black, or mix-colored gemstones.

Do you want to keep things simple? Don a necklace featuring a single pearl on a mid-length chain. If you are a fan of the assorted style and want to make a statement, wear a pearl shoulder necklace.

Pearl Earrings

Earrings can complement the necklace, display a classic look, or can totally be over-the-top own depending on which design you pick up. From ear crawlers to dotted hoops and asymmetrical danglers, the stylish options will spoil you for choice. 

When you are a sucker for traditional weddings, a pair of studs made of cultured pearls will be the right choice. Do you want to make them special? Choose a combo of pearl stud and diamond. Some pearl designers work on geometric styles. If you are up for a minimal and modern wedding, go for a pair of Majorette earrings or some ear crawlers.

Pair up with Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals always ooze glamour and romance. You can choose a customized teardrop necklace lined up with plenty of small Swarovski crystals. Such a piece will ooze glam and charm.

Another stunning customization could be a necklace or earrings featuring pearls surrounded by zirconia, gold, or platinum plating. It creates a vintage glam when the precious metal meets the beautiful natural gem.

Pearl Headpieces

Planning for a beach-themed wedding? A pearl headpiece sounds just right for a modern beach-themed event. The bridesmaids can complement the theme by wearing side pearl barrettes. If it is a tropical-inspired beach wedding, stay on style by combining florals and pearls.

A few other details including oyster shell place cards decorated with loose pearls, pearl napkin rings, pearls in the bouquet, and pearl-inspired centerpieces will make the beach wedding truly gorgeous.

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