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I received an ORBIT ring cleaner for review.  All opinions are my own.

This past April my husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary.  After all these years I still love the ring set that he chose for me.  In those first few years, I made sure to protect that investment and took the rings in for checks and cleanings.  Then we moved, and the jeweler it was purchased from didn’t have a location in our new city.  I’d sometimes take advantage of getting my jewelry cleaned for free at the mall when I had time, but over the years I let cleaning my rings become low on the priority to do list.

ORBIT creator Adam Shatz has been in the fine jewelry business for over 20 years, and wanted to design something that was effective, yet quick and easy to use, affordable and safe for both the jewelry and the environment, without the use of harsh chemicals.  The result is ORBIT a one-of-a-kind jewelry cleaning device.

orbit ring cleaner

When I read about the ORBIT ring cleaner in my e-mail, I realized that my rings needed a REALLY good cleaning.  Truth be told, I don’t even remember the last time I cleaned them (is there a shame face emoji, because that would belong right here then…).  I have a channel setting on my rings and while that makes it more secure than prongs, it also allows dirt and skin to get trapped between and under the diamonds.  The more I looked at them the more I realized they had sort of lost their sparkle, and the gold was dull too.

At $19.99 the ORBIT ring cleaner is fairly inexpensive.  It also has a really small footprint.  After reading the instructions I had my doubts.  Some water, dish soap and a little twisting would get  my rings clean?  We shall see!

It’s simple to use.  Place your ring on the cone in the bottom. 

orbit ring cleaner

Put the brush attachment on top. 

Add warm water and two drops of dish soap to the dome and pour it in.  Secure the dome to the top and twist back and forth for one minute.

After putting it together, I thought “it’s like a car wash for rings!” and it really is 🙂 

My rings didn’t stay on the cone, so I had to fish them out of the brush attachment, but no big deal. 

I was impressed with the results after I rinsed it off.  Due to the way my gems are set, I had to push the dirt out from beneath the main diamond, but the brushing action from the ORBIT ring cleaner made that a simple task as it loosened up the dirt and debris that was caught under it.

I’ve used liquid jewelry cleaner before to clean my rings and while they’ve made the gold gleam and the surface of my diamonds sparkle for a while, they have never gotten the crevice dirt out between my stones like the ORBIT ring cleaner helped me to.

It worked so well on my rings, I also did my husband’s.  The results on his were amazing.  The back of his band is open and so it is a harbor for skin and oils to collect and build up.  One minute in the ORBIT ring cleaner and I was able to get all that residue out. 

I popped it back in for a second go around and the ring looked like new again!  Now you can see the smooth part on the one side and the hammered gold on the other.  

The ORBIT ring cleaner had our rings sparkling in under 10 minutes, and that was with some very dirty rings.  Now if I clean them regularly it will take me no time at all to keep them looking great.

ORBIT safely cleans all types of diamond and gemstone rings, as well as men’s and women’s wedding bands in gold and platinum.  

You can find ORBIT on Amazon.com for purchase – https://amzn.to/2My1.  

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