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ALL skin types and tones need facial sunscreen. It’s not an option, rather a necessity in protecting our largest organ. While melanin does give darker skin tones some sun protection, it’s not enough to prevent skin cancer and other adverse effects like hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Experts agree that more melanin does not equate to being immune to sun damage, which means that each and every man, woman and child needs to protect their skin before stepping outside.  It’s not just for your Caribbean holiday.

Mineral sunscreen formulas are gaining in popularity, but one drawback about them is that zinc, one of the main ingredients and the one that reflects UVA rays, is historically difficult to formulate into a bendable sunscreen.  Also some zinc-based formulas leave a whitish cast on skin, altering the natural skin tone appearance.

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Enter Theraderm® Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen.  This broad spectrum SPF 43 sunscreen is also powered by the physical UV blocker Zinc Oxide (7.5%) but Theraderm gets it right. It disappears seamlessly on the skin, on all complexions.  In fact, mineral sunscreens are particularly helpful for brown/black skin because they deflect heat, which can trigger hyperpigmentation and melasma[1].

In Theraderm’s SPF 43, the tiny zinc particles act like millions of small mirrors on the surface of skin to reflect the sun’s aging rays away. This sunscreen also provides UVB protection by using several different organic molecule types that actually absorb UVB energy and break them down, taking the brunt of the damage so that skin doesn’t have to.

The sunscreen contains no artificial coloring or fragrance, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.  It protects with a lightweight finish and formulated to work well under makeup.

Theraderm is an oil-free facial sunscreen.  It doesn’t get much better than a transparent, fast absorbing formula, and it’s perfect for anyone trying to balance oily skin.  This photo below is after rubbing it in from the photo above, it literally only took me about 5 seconds to apply it on my hand and forearm and have it absorb.   

One more piece of great news about this sunscreen.  If you happen to be doing something that causes sweating, it’s formulated to not burn or irritate eyes.  While Theraderm Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen is almost your ultimate outdoor armor, if you know you are going to be swimming or sweating profusely you probably want to use a waterproof sunscreen in those situations.  I can attest to Theraderm working for me on hour long midday walks in Hades hot Texas though.  It protects my facial skin and when I’m sweating no stinging.

Theraderm Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen retails at $31 for a 3 fl oz tube.  In addition to the Zinc Oxide, the other active ingredients include Octinoxate (7.5%) and Octisalate (2.5%).  You can purchase on

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  1. I’m also a big fan of zinc on my skin for the reason of it being a great protectant – but hate that ‘chalky’ or hard to rub in that it truly is. This looks like a great alternative!

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