4 Skincare Secrets Many People Do Not Know

skincare secrets

If you were asked to name some skincare tips, you could pretty easily come up with advice like “Don’t touch your face,” “Resist the urge to pick at or pop pimples” and “Wash your face every night.”

While these are all sage words of wisdom that are also commonly known, there are all sorts of skincare secrets that you might not realize are a thing.

Check out the following less well-known tips:

1. Vitamin C is Great for the Skin

When you think about vitamin C and why your body needs it, you might understandably focus on your immune system. Since the time you were little, your mom always gave you extra chewable vitamin C tablets at the first sign of a cold, and you still like to drink orange juice when your throat gets scratchy. While vitamin C has been found to help improve immunity, it can also benefit the skin and should be part of your anti aging skin care routine.

For instance, if you are concerned with wrinkles, crow’s feet or saggy-looking skin, consider that contain this powerful antioxidant. For example, the Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream from Rodan + Fields is an anti-wrinkle cream that contains vitamins C and F along with botanical extracts. The anti-aging serum has been found to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles while firming up the skin.

2. Chapstick Helps with Dry Cuticles

Over the last year, you have probably washed your hands more than ever and slathered on plenty of hand sanitizer. As a result, your cuticles may be dry or peeling and cracking. To help heal this painful condition, reach into your purse and pull out your chapstick. Lip balms that have super moisturizing ingredients are a great way to . Wash your hands well and then dab a small amount of your chapstick onto the cuticles and massage it in with your other fingers. You can also do this before bed so the chapstick will stay on well during the night and work its magic.

3. No Time to Shampoo? Try Baby Powder

On those days when you are running late and don’t have time to shower before heading to work, school or to run errands, apply a small amount of baby powder to your hair near the scalp. The baby powder will work much in the same way as a dry shampoo—mainly by soaking up any oil on your scalp. After sprinkling the powder on your head, massage it in lightly with your fingers and comb it out—your hair should look oil-free and will also smell great.

4. Out of Lipstick? Try Beets

When you notice you are out of your favorite red lipstick and you don’t have time to run out and buy more, head to your produce bin. , your lips will look nice and colorful. You might have beets on hand lately anyway due to their health benefits, including reducing blood pressure and increasing blood flow. Slice up a beet and apply it to your lips. Then cover with a clear gloss and you will have colorful lips that look like you spent a lot on a fancy lipstick.

Uncommon but Solid Advice

Skincare advice does not have to be commonly known to be solid. Little-known secret tips are also great ways to care for the skin, including the power of vitamin C, the healing properties of lip balm, the cleaning ability of baby powder and the fact that you can use beets to beautifully stain your lips.

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