Bunny Craft for Kids

Are your kids already excited for Easter?!  We had some fun with some littles making this bunny craft for kids.

Easy Craft: Fillable Easter Ornaments

I admit to having gone a ‘bit’ overboard at the after Christmas sales last year.  When Hobby Lobby had 80% off, well I nabbed quite a few things.  One of the items was a box of six small, square, glass ornaments. When I was looking for something to do with them, I came across an […]

Personalized Easter Baskets for $5 or Less – Dollar Tree Craft

You may have friends on Facebook or locally that use their die-cutting machines to cut vinyl to personalize things.  I have a few projects on my blog that I’ve posted doing that very same thing.  I know a lot of you see those projects and want to run out and get one.  A very popular thing right now that owners of those machines are doing are personalizing Easter baskets.  But let me show you how you can do just that, without a die-cut machine, and spend only about $3-$5 on it using supplies from Dollar Tree!