Watercolor Easter Eggs

I have to be honest with you.  When our daughter was little I dreaded dying Easter Eggs.  I found it to be such a chore.  The prepping, the mess, the clean up.  UGH!  There were a few years that I just had her slap some stickers on eggs because I didn’t want to deal with it.  I wish I had found this beautiful but far less messy way to decorate Easter Eggs back then.  Take a look at these easy Watercolor Easter Eggs.  They’re so simple, the kids will have a great time decorating them and you’ll be happy with way less mess to prep and a quicker clean up!

watercolor easter eggs

Of course you’ll still need to boil your eggs so give yourself time to do that and then let them cool down. 

Fill a spray bottle with water and mist an egg, or quickly dip it into a bowl of water; just enough so that it is damp.  Then your kids can go to town applying washable watercolor paints to the wet shell using a small paintbrush.  Watch the colors spread out as they apply them.  If they want more bleeding of colors, just lightly brush more water on to the shell.  

You can set the color with a hair blow dryer on a low setting.  Hold it away from the egg (at least 6 inches) and move it around some.  It won’t take long ,about 10 seconds or so should be enough.

watercolor easter eggs

If you’re up for a bigger mess, check out our Sparkling Easter Eggs tutorial which uses glitter!

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