Personalized Easter Baskets for $5 or Less – Dollar Tree Craft

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You may have friends on Facebook or locally that use their die-cutting machines to cut vinyl to personalize things.  I have a few projects on my blog that I’ve posted doing that very same thing.  I know a lot of you see those projects and want to run out and get one.  A very popular thing right now that owners of those machines are doing are personalizing Easter baskets.  But let me show you how you can do just that, without a die-cut machine, and spend only about $3-$5 on it using supplies from Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree has an assortment of plastic buckets and baskets.  You might find them around their seasonal displays or in their home section.


I decided to show you how you can make both an Easter Basket for a girl and a boy, and so grabbed a pink plastic basket and a green locker bucket.

Then I headed to the home section for the wall stickers.


wall stickers dollar tree

There are a lot of assorted stickers that you can get in this area, including alphabets.  So I chose to do a princess themed basket and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle basket.

Each wall sticker pane is (naturally!) $1.00.  You may need two or three depending on the letters in the child’s name, which is why my title says $5.00 or less.  For each of these I made it was actually only $3.00!  There weren’t any Ninja Turtle wall stickers (although there were some very cute monster and sport themed ones), so for my basket embellishments for that one, I found some Ninja Turtle stickers at the checkout line.

Start by wiping the basket down with rubbing alcohol so that all residue and oils are removed.  This will help the sitckers adhere better.

Then you can apply the alphabet stickers to spell out the name.  If you’re concerned about the stickers coming off you could put a layer of Mod Podge over it, which is also available at Dollar Tree now!

On the princess one, I chose to just put the name and then the princess themed stickers around it.  On the Ninja Turtle one, I added Easter 2015 on the back since that alphabet sheet also had numbers on it.  Then I cut out the stickers from the sticker packet and adhered them to the basket on each side.

How easy is that?!

Go one step further and fill the package with licensed merchandise!  I found so many great items at Dollar Tree to fit these two themes from puzzle books to food storage. 

princess basket fillers

With everything in them, including making them, each of these baskets cost only $11-$12!!  How affordable is that?!

Dollar Tree Ninja Turtle Basket Personalized

Personalized Princess Easter Basket Dollar Tree

Who would you make a personalized Easter basket for with supplies from Dollar Tree?