Bunny Craft for Kids

Are your kids already excited for Easter?!  We had some fun with some littles making this bunny craft for kids.  Just grab your empty toilet paper rolls, paper, foam pieces, wiggle eyes, cotton balls, stickers, pipe cleaners or whatever else you have around the house to make these easy bunnies.

bunny craft for kids

What you will need:

• Empty toilet paper roll
• Patterned and solid color scrapbook paper
• Two sided tape or glue
• Embellishments of all kinds!

Step 1.

Make the bunny body.  Measure around your toilet paper roll to get the circumference and measure the height.  Use those measurements to cut out your patterned paper rectangle so that it will wrap around the toilet paper roll.
Wrap the paper around the toilet paper roll and adhere.  We used two sided tape and just put the tape on the edges of the paper and then wrapped it around.

Step 2.

Make Bunny Ears.  We used white and printed paper.  I found a template at http://www.bigbunny.net/bunnyears.html.  I scaled it to 40%, and printed it and then the kids cut out the printed paper for the center and taped that to the middle of the ears.  Using a bit of two sided tape we adhered the bottom of the ears to the inside top of the toilet paper roll.

Step 3.

Embellish!  Use whatever you have on hand to make these bunnies fun!  We used mini marshmallows cut in half for the eyes and colored them in with a black marker.  I had the mustache from a straw and the parasol umbrella that my daughter saved from a shaved ice.  You could use pom poms or buttons for noses and chenille sticks as whiskers.  Tie a ribbon around the bunny as a necklace or belt.  Use wiggly eyes or candy eyes.  Add some stickers that you have on hand or just have your kids make accessories on paper that they can glue or tape on.  I mounted mine on a gift tag to make it a bit sturdier to stand.

Don’t forget to add a tail to your bunny!  We used another mini marshmallow again, but cotton balls or pom poms are great for that too.

It’s an easy and fun activity for your kids to engage in on a weekend afternoon, it’s inexpensive and you can use so many things around the house.  Your children can display them or play with them and keep adding to their bunny family until Easter, as your family uses up the toilet paper 😉

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