Sparkling Easter Eggs

Looking for a new and unique way to decorate Easter Eggs with your children?  Then check out our Sparkling Easter Eggs tutorial.

sparkling easter eggs

Before decorating, hard-boil and dye the amount of eggs you’ll need.  Once they’re dry, place them into clean egg cartons and put them in the refrigerator.  Once you’re ready to embellish them  give each child a few eggs and let them loose at a craft table.  


• hard-boiled, dyed eggs
glitter – to match your dye colors and/or iridescent 
tacky glue
• paper plates/bowls
• paper cups
small paintbrushes


Fill paper plates or bowls with glitter, and pour about an inch of tacky glue in the paper cups.  Have your kids brush the glue on the eggs, then roll them in the glitter and shake off the excess.  Place the eggs back in the egg carton to dry. 

For a different look, brush designs on the eggs with the tacky glue (chevron, polkadots, stripes, etc.)  or just brush the glue on the center band of an egg, and then when the excess glitter is shaken off you’ll have a cool glittery effect.

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