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Nutella Blossom Cookie Recipe

Nutella Cookies

One of the things about getting ready to move is you start trying to clean out your pantry.  I have a big jar of Nutella and A. LOT. of Hershey Kisses in there.  So I decided to make some of those classic Kiss Blossom cookies, but instead of using peanut butter, I used Nutella.

And you thought they were delicious when they had peanut butter in them.

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Chocolate Walnut Brownie Cookies

I don’t know about you but my oven is working overtime this holiday season! I’m using the baking pans faster than I can wash them! Over the years I’ve picked up some tips and tricks from various sources to streamline my holiday baking and cooking, but I’m always open to new ways to use ingredients and prepare dishes.

This year Fisher Nuts is teaming up with Food Network Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, a regular judge on Chopped, to make your holiday cooking a bit easier and she offers up some simple twists for cooking with nuts during the holidays.

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Star Spangled Cookies

We’re having a party this weekend, and I’m so excited.  My sister and her family are visiting for a couple of days.  I haven’t seen my little nephews in over a year.  The older one just ‘graduated’ Kindergarten and recently had his 1/2 birthday too.  So I decided we’d celebrate both occasions while they are here and made some cookies.  With the 4th coming up quickly, I made some patriotic cookies too.

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Simple Pleasures Chocolate Peanut Butter Honey Cookies Recipe

Now, chocolate lovers all over the nation have a reason to celebrate!  Hershey’s Simple Pleasures Chocolates is a new delicious line of chocolates with 30% less fat compared to the average of the leading milk chocolates.  They are individually wrapped for easy portion control, making them the perfect afternoon sweet snack.

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Kiss Stuffed Sugar Cookies ~ Quick, Simple & Yummy

If you surf Pinterest at all, you look at the pictures and go: Mmm good! There’s no fooling me though, I KNOW that my baking or crafting isn’t going to look like the pinned picture, but they inspire me none the less,

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Egg Free Cake Mix Cookies Recipe

So I have a friend who reads my blog, and she let me know that she was missing my dessert recipes .  I needed to do a ‘clean out’ of my pantry anyway so baked up a cookie recipe that you could alter to do a variety of things with.  I made them “Valentine” like by adding red M&Ms and some food coloring, but the flavors and add ins can be left up to your tastes and imagination.  There are no eggs in this, so if you’re a ‘dough eater’, no worries!

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Peanut Butter Gingerbread Cookie Balls Recipe

While I was at the Kraft Innovations Kitchen BlogEats conference I got to eat a lot of food.  A LOT!  They provided us with recipes for all the fun things they made and one of the recipes was for OREO-Pumpkin Cookie Balls,

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