Gooey Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Candy Cane Cookies

Still need to bake something for a Christmas Eve or Day gathering?  Here is a recipe that is sure to be a favorite.  If you are a fan of a peppermint mocha coffee, then COOKINA’s recipe for Gooey Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Candy Cane Cookies is made … [Read more...]

Mummy Cookies Halloween Recipe

If you want to make the cutest Halloween recipe how about these mummy cookies for your parties or school function?  This recipe is from Country Crock® Spread. Mummy Cookies Halloween Recipe   Save Print Prep time 55 mins Cook … [Read more...]

Cookies & Cream Cookies Recipe

My mother-in-law's chocolate chip cookie recipe is legendary.  It was the one thing my husband brought to our marriage that I didn't somehow try to get rid of over the years .  He used to make them religiously, batch after batch and I was okay with … [Read more...]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Here is a chocolaty twist on a traditional favorite peanut butter cookie.  The cookies will come out of the oven flatter than you would expect, but the insides stay chewy and the outer edges are crispy - the perfect texture combination to the sweet … [Read more...]

Homemade Spring Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

   I think spring has FINALLY sprung here in North Texas!  April 'springs' with events for us this year too.  First our 20th wedding anniversary, then Easter, and then our daughter's 18th birthday.  And if there is anything in the world my husband … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Nutella S’mores

Ever have one of those days where you want to be creative but also just want to stay home?  I had one of those not too long ago.  I wanted to make something a bit different for my family using stuff I already had at home.  Spying a tube of peanut … [Read more...]

Triple Chocolate Nutella Tailgating Cookies

Family, Food & Football - that's what it's all about in fall, am I right?! While some people like the wings and the nachos, our family we head right to the sweet treats.  And the more chocolate the better.  I'm so glad that I'm part of the … [Read more...]

Lemonade Medallions – An Easter Cookie Recipe

This Easter I wanted to make some cookies that weren't too sweet but that looked and tasted like 'spring.' I was paging through some magazines and found a Christmas shortbread cookie recipe in one of them that I thought I could adapt to fit my … [Read more...]

Nutella Blossom Cookie Recipe

One of the things about getting ready to move is you start trying to clean out your pantry.  I have a big jar of Nutella and A. LOT. of Hershey Kisses in there.  So I decided to make some of those classic Kiss Blossom cookies, but instead of using … [Read more...]

Chocolate Walnut Brownie Cookies

I don't know about you but my oven is working overtime this holiday season! I'm using the baking pans faster than I can wash them! Over the years I've picked up some tips and tricks from various sources to streamline my holiday baking and cooking, … [Read more...]