SWAGG – SmartPhone App – Deal With It

Have Everything.

Carry Nothing.

SWAGG is a mobile app that lets you shop smarter using your mobile phone.  Buy, send or swap SWAGG GIFTS and organize your old school plastic gift cards.  Get offers for the things you want.  When you’re in a store and ready to pay, just show SWAGG on your phone at checkout.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s way more advanced.

You need SWAGG if you’re the type of person who has rewards cards filling every slot in your wallet, or if you constantly forget your gift cards at home.  SWAGG’s new app is a unique and different way to keep all that information in one place, in a cool way.  You’re always carrying your phone with you anyway (or in my case my iTouch), so why not add all your reward and gift cards to this free app?

The neat thing is you can also send gift cards to other SmartPhone users if they need a bit of “swagg” too.  You can choose the dollar amount, and the recipient can decide where (in store or online) they want to use it, so they can get their own “swagg”!

I got SWAGG – how about you?  You can download the app for free from the App Store for select Apple Products and you can visit the Android Market on your handset to download it for select Android Devices.  And for every app download SWAGG is giving $1 to Stand Up for Cancer up to $125,000 through the end of the year.  How’s that for swagg? 

Don’t have an iPhone or Android device?  You can still use SWAGG via your web browser (it also works with an iTouch if you have one of those).  Sign up today!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this feature on behalf of SWAGG through Mom Bloggers Club and was supplied with a gift card and information through them, the review and opinions are my own.


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