Stoner–Invisible Glass – Review

Have you ever seen those commercials on TV, where birds fly into windows because the glass is so clean it looks invisible?  That would never happen in my home, my windows are so dirty and streaky!

Stoner has a product called Invisible Glass that cleans your glass leaving no residue and it doesn’t streak or haze.  It lifts off difficult grime from the surface, and is great for vehicles because it is safe for tinted windows.

It’s far too cold where I live to be cleaning home windows at this time of year, but I put Invisible Glass to the test on the glass shelves of our TV stand and our bathroom mirrors.

All I can say is ‘amazing’.  I was most impressed with how it cleaned the mirror in our daughter’s bathroom.  Many years ago, I must have used a product to clean it that left a film.  And no matter how hard I scrubbed, or what other product I used, I could never get it off.  Guess what?  Invisible Glass managed to get that mirror completely clean and I thought that film would be impossible to remove, in fact I had completely given up on ever removing it.

See for yourself the results I got on the mirror in our bathroom.  Really truly with no lie, the second picture was taken at the mirror also!

Don’t even try cleaning your car windshields at the gas station any more.  Arm yourself with the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool Kit and your windshield will be free of all the road pollutants as well as the bugs and bird droppings.  The specially shaped head comes makes it easy to reach into the deep corners, and it comes with a microfiber cleaning bonnet, a terry multi-purpose bonnet, and a nylon mesh bug bonnet.  For $14.95 it would make a great gift for that person you know that is always waxing and polishing their car.

All three of us in our home wear glasses.  There is nothing that bothers me more than dirty lenses.  We have in the past purchased lens wipes and after I used them I always have to use a cloth again, because while the grime and dirt have been removed, they leave streaks all over the lenses.  Invisible Glass Lens Wipes will have you seeing clearly, the cleaner evaporates fast, and it dries without streaks. 

I can’t wait until spring, when I can have my husband clean the windows with it!  Maybe I’ll have a few injured birds to fix up after that?! 

If you order today you can get FREE shipping when you enter Ad Code X9K3R in your shopping cart, but this offer ends today December 20th.

Find Invisible Glass offers and kits at:

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this feature on behalf of Stoner and was supplied with samples and information through them, the review and opinions are my own.


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