Transform Your House Into a Holiday Haven

With the cozy winter months here, I’m preparing my home for the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year’s gathering as I’m sure a lot of you are too.  ‘Holiday Home Makeovers’ often top the wish list of many mom, it’s really easier than you think to transform your space without the North Pole elves making an appearance.

Whether you’re in your first home or have grandchildren underfoot, preparing your home for the holidays takes up time and money.  Seasonal décor is great, but you can bring a lasting transformation that will bring warmth and character to your home, even after the holidays are over — refresh and refurbish your home with Furniture Care Products.

Premium quality furniture care products include cleaners, polishes and protectors for wood, leather, and fabric furniture as well as a complete line of furniture maintenance products for touch-up, repair and spot cleaning.

Following three simple tips fromhome and furniture care expert, Sue Harman.  Dust, Clean, Protect.

1.  Dust

Start at the surface and pay special attention to the easy-to-miss, must-dust places like your cabinetry, shelving units, window treatments and appliances.  Eww, you don’t even want to know what the top ofmy fridge looked like!  To avoid scratching surfaces, Sue recommends using Ultimate Dusting Cloths.

Most dust cloths simply push dust off the surfaces, and into the air and on the floor, Ultimate Dusting Cloths, are specially treated to pick up and hold on to the dust.  They also don’t use aerosols, which can leave a residue that attracts dust.

2. Clean

Once the dusting is done, the next step is tot care for the wood furniture and accessories around your home.  Bring back the clarity of your wood furniture, framing and cabinetry by using Wood Cleaner.  Dirt and oils, especially in your kitchen because of all the cooking, build up, and they make your cabinets look dull and dingy.

To treat rings or marks on your finished wood surfaces, use a Water Ring and Mark Remover.  It eliminates minor blemishes caused by water, alcohol, heat, paint, cosmetics or moisture.  Definitely a product everyone should have on hand in their home.

Oh and how about that stain on your couch?  Yeah I had two on my last couch, one from hair gel, and one from Play-doh.  I would have loved to have tried Upholstery Cleaner on those.  It thoroughly cleans and removes food, beverage and cooking oil stains from water-cleanable fabric upholstery (including microfiber) and carpet.  I KNOW this is going to be used this season in my home for my carpets and dining room chairs!

We recently got rid of our old couch, and purchased a leather set, so I’m excited about Leather Cleaner Wipes.  It’s a unique cleaning tool that won’t leave a residue like other cleaners or soap & water (which can actually harm leather’s flexibility).

3. Protect and Maintain

Okay so you’ve dusted, and cleaned, now it’s time to update and refresh, by restoring and protecting your furniture.  Start by applying wood polish to all wood surfaces.  It’s formulated to enhance wood and since it contains no abrasives, wax or silicones, it wont’ leave a greasy residue, harm finishes or leave an artificial gloss.

Available in aerosol, trigger and concentrate formats, and in wood and lemon scent, so you can use what you prefer.  I thought a wood scent was kind of interesting before I used it and if you would have asked me what wood smelled like I would not have been able to describe it.  But after using it on my tables and hutch, I can say, it smells just like my dad’s wood working room, and the saw dust shavings on the floor!  And no worries if your furniture sits by a window and gets sunlight, pick up the variety with a UV Inhibitor and your wood is less likely to lighten.

Have some wear and tear on your wood furniture, or have you recently moved, and ended up with dings and scratches in it?  Touch-Up Markers, can be layered and blended to match most wood finishes.

Lastly preserve the clean and refreshed look of your fabric and leather furniture.  Apply the odorless Fabric Protector to keep fabric furniture cleaner for longer, it shields against soils, spills and stains, yet still maintains the original look, feel and breathability of fabrics.  For leather use the Leather Protector Wipes.  They protect against penetrating stains and premature aging of leather furniture while keeping the original feel and color.

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