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Is your desktop, monitor or keyboard covered in Post-It Notes with your passwords and log-ins penciled all over them?

Do you use the same password for everything, so you’ll remember it?  (<– Big No No!).  Or do you forget your passwords all the time because you try and change them up?

Do you get tired of filling out the mundane name, address, zip code, every time you have to register at a site or fill out a form?

Hmm…sounds like you need RoboForm!

RoboForm is easy to use on your computer and on the go, and best of all it’s secure.

RoboForm works with IE 6,7,8 – Firefox 2,3,3.5,3.6 – Chrome/Chromium – XP, Server, Vista, Windows 7 – USB Devices – iPhone, Android, WinMobile, Palm, BlackBerry, Symbian and for those who use Mac, Opera or Linux there is access through RoboForm Online.

I have been using RoboForm Pro since 2005.  I love having all my data accessible to fill forms in one click automatically.  My passwords are all stored securely, and I don’t have to remember them because RoboForm does it for me!  But what I like most about RoboForm is the password generator, that allows me to make really secure passwords.  Prior to using RoboForm Pro, I had my eBay account hacked due to an easily breakable password.  I learned my lesson quickly!  To watch RoboForm in action watch this video:

Newly released in beta is RoboForm Online, which allows you to access your log-ins and passwords from anywhere!  So if you’re visiting mom and dad three states over and don’t have a laptop (like me!), you can still sit down at your parents’ PC and log in to your e-mail, blog or favorite forums using RoboForm Online, without dragging a notepad full of log-ins and passwords with you!

You can try RoboForm free, which gives you a limited number of Identities (your personal information), Passcards (passwords and log-ins) and other features.  But the $29.95 cost for the upgraded RoboForm Pro is well worth the money.  It is a simple way to keep passwords and personal information secure and literally at your fingertips.

If you haven’t (gasp) gotten anything for the “mom” in your life for Mother’s Day tomorrow, she might appreciate you helping her remember her passwords!  Until May 10th you can get 20% off your RoboForm purchase.

One reader will win a RoboForm Pro License.  A value of $29.95.  What a helpful prize!

To enter simply fill out the form below.  You can enter daily.  I also hope you’ll visit RoboForm, and download your free trial version, or to get your mom a useful gift!

Open to Worldwide Residents ages 18+, ends May 22, 2010 at 11:59 PM CST. Winner will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. By entering this giveaway you are stating that you have read my **Privacy/Rules statements and agree to them.


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21 thoughts on “RoboForm Giveaway

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I have used RoboForm’s trial version.It is a great software to remember a lot of passwords and store them securely encrypted.people can avoid keyloggers attempt to steal sensitive information by simply using it.
    I like to enter the contest.Count me in pls.


  2. I love it, I’ve been using it for 5 years. N0….to other programs, this is the one.

  3. I’ve been using the trial version for the past month and been contemplating on buying the pro version. Very useful software…keeping my fingers crossed on this one!!! Great giveaway

  4. Remember, the comment form is NOT the entry form… And comments out here won’t necessarily be ‘grandfathered’ in to the entry form spreadsheet (although we can’t rule out a gracious blogger), as much as anything because I’m not seeing any entry point for an email address HERE (unless "contributor", seen when you mouse over a comment author, means you ARE recognized somehow)…

  5. Thought I’d mention — after leaving that previous post, I was immediately inundated by a seemingly infinite string of browser windows popping open; I had to shutdown my system in order to get it to stop. When I backtracked my browser history, I found a reference to Google’s "" (more or less). Googling THAT reference, I find several posts mentioning that typically that ‘gadget’ doesn’t kick in unless I actively signed up and/or joined and/or ‘followed’ your blog somehow (was posting a comment sufficient??). I captured the URL if that might be of any use. Not leaving an email address — I’ll be back periodically, after disabling scripting, etc.

  6. flared0ne – I have never had anyone else ever say that has happened to them before, and posting a comment wouldn’t subscribe you to following my blog on that widget. I follow it myself and I have never had any pop ups. Not sure what happened there to you.

  7. Hey, it WAS weird — but I’ve had much worse happen on blog sites; and I’ve been here before, you’ve always been a good place to visit, so I thought I’d mention it peacefully. Good catch on adding the "Author Email (optional)" to the comment entry form — gives YOU the option of "Mercy, kind lady?!?!" for people who don’t read the directions, eh?

  8. flared0ne – I do appreciate you letting me know! Many others wouldn’t take the time, and just not bother to come back. I’m glad you did!

    On a "mercy" note (Lol!) – I actually changed my giveaways to forms instead of comments, because I had people having issue with the aggressive spam filter on the blog’s back end, which wasn’t letting them comment, and I want to give everyone a chance to get in on the goodies!

  9. I’ve used RoboForm since the time I got my first computer back in 1998 and find it to be invaluable…..I won’t ever be without you.

  10. I have the free download version, which is fantastic! I would love to own this version!

  11. I’ve used the free version for over ten years and have been very pleased. I can’t imagine that there’s anything that can be better.

  12. It was good when I first got it some ten years ago, and it’s still the most useful tool on my computer. Yea RoboForm

  13. I have to ask — any chance that the prize option could possibly include the USB-flash-based version of roboform, which is portable between machines without the risks (small but non-zero) of the "cloud-based" beta version??

  14. Have been using the trial version of Roboform and can’t imagine going back to manual input. Such a great time saver.

  15. RoboForm makes the task of filling forms a pleasure……it’s accurate and fast!

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