Bound For Barcelona – Our Last Day At Sea

Our last day at sea was Earth Day, April 22nd.  It’s hard to believe that at this point our cruise was almost over.

We were quite busy on board today.

We splurged a bit and played some Bingo.  We didn’t win any cash prizes, but we did get a special “Earth Day” gift, which I’ll be giving away to one of my readers on Monday!

I started packing up our stuff back in our suitcases, and then took a break to watch The Last Song.  Even after having read the book, I cried.  The movie (as it usually is) was different from the book, but not by a whole lot.  There is obviously a lot more detail in the book, and a few of (what I thought) the integral story lines were glossed over, but that’s expected when there’s only 90-120 minutes in a movie.  Regardless, if you’ve read the book I think it’s worth seeing, and if you’ve seen the movie but haven’t read the book, you should!  You’ll appreciate the story more I think after reading the book.

We actually arrived in Barcelona today, although we didn’t dock until the 23rd, we were anchored in the harbor overnight.

We were welcomed “Disney” style with the stunning skyline of the city as a backdrop with a five minute fireworks spectacular!

But today we just kept going!  After the fireworks, we made our way to the Walt Disney Theatre to see the Prem”ear” of OCEANS.  We were some of the first on Earth to see it.  The videography in this movie is amazing.  Here is how they opened the movie:

5 thoughts on “Bound For Barcelona – Our Last Day At Sea

  1. I wish I had known about this!! Disney cruises are my fave and next month I am headed to Barcelona on Norweigan. This would have been way more fun!!

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