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I received a sample of PATCH bamboo bandages for review.  All opinions are my own.

PATCH is a natural alternative to wound care and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

PATCH was born when James Dutton noticed that while trying to protect his son’s adventure wounds his skin was in fact reacting badly to a common adhesive bandage and making the wound worse.  James became motivated to find better alternatives when he found that Charlie wasn’t alone with his reactions. His research found that a staggering number of the people can’t wear common bandages, with more people reacting every day.  The other side of James’ motivations were spurred on by his other son, Xavier, who hates putting creams on his skin.  Ultimately the wish for a wound care product that wouldn’t cause nasty skin reactions and serve as a way to help heal the wounds was the real reason for PATCH.

bamboo bandages

As you can see from the photo above, PATCH has many advantages including being
* made from natural bamboo
* free from plastic, silicon, latex, parabens and sulfate 
* 100% compostable (including their packaging)
* vegan friendly

I love that these bandages are made from natural bamboo.  I use a lot of bamboo material in cleaning for my home, so why not for my family’s skin?!

PATCH Strips come in 4 formulas:

PATCH Natural:  a natural alternative to common wound care and are designed to provide sensitive support for cuts and scratches.

PATCH Kids Coconut Oil: made from natural bamboo fiber and enriched with coconut oil to assist the repair of minor bumps, grazes and scratches.

PATCH Aloe Vera: enriched with the natural goodness of aloe vera to help the natural recovery of burns, blisters and minor abrasions. .

PATCH Activated Charcoal: enriched with activated charcoal gauze to help promote the natural recovery of bites, splinters and infections by drawing out impurities from the wound.

There is a big joke in our home that it’s officially summer when I get my first blister.  I am ALWAYS getting blisters on my heels due to going without socks in summer and constantly have bandages on the back of my heels.  The problem with most of them is that “IF” they actually stay on my skin for any length of time they leave a grimy residue behind.  I also find all those other bandages do is maybe protect the blister from picking up dirt, they don’t do anything to actually heal the blister itself.  

So the latest blister that I got, I used one of the PATCH Aloe Vera bamboo bandages.  First off the strips are flexible and move with your skin, something I find most plastic bandages do not.  They are also very soft, much softer than most fabric bandages.  But the clincher for me was that the adhesive that is on them actually stays on my skin without any gross gluey gunk left behind.  As for their healing capacity, I did find that the blister healed up faster than usual, whether that was from the aloe vera on my skin, the fact that the bamboo bandage stayed long enough on my heel to offer protection from the elements, or both, either way the broken skin was a quicker heal than usual.  

We (thankfully) haven’t had a reason to use the other formulas yet, but let me tell you a bit about the unique packaging.  The bandages are sort of ‘color’ coded so if you are consolidating and taking them out of their cylindrical packaging to save space or to travel, you still can grab the proper healing protection for your specific wound.  The Natural ones are the light colored ones, the Kids Coconut Oil are the ones with the pandas (so cute!), the Aloe Vera are the tan ones and the Activated Charcoal are black.  The outer containment is sealed with the color so you know which is which and they are all packaged sterile.

Now you will notice that the PATCH Strips come with a bit of a heftier price than your normal bandages, on Amazon they run $8.99 for 25 strips.  So it runs about 36¢ a bandage.  A name brand adhesive bandage bought in bulk runs about 3¢ a piece, speciality sizes or formats a bit more sometimes about 25¢ each.  That being said, I only needed ONE PATCH Strip on my blister wound as opposed to probably the 10-14 I usually use.  Sure it might still be cheaper to use the store bandages, but I’m producing less waste, using something more natural and I’m promoting less chemical healing on my body.  Plus I don’t have to be carrying a dozen bandages around all the time in case it falls off.  So I feel like the cost is commiserate to what you are getting out of the product. 

I would definitely recommend PATCH bamboo bandages to anyone looking to change over to a natural option for their wound care.  You can purchase PATCH Strips on –  <– that is a referral link so if you purchase through it, I do make a small commission off your purchase, thank you!

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  1. Such a nice product. This is very informative… I didn’t know I could get different bandages like this.

  2. Oh these look like good bandaids – I like that they don’t come off that’s my biggest problem all the time with them.

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