10 Major Ways to Reduce Skin Wrinkles

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Everyone is obsessed with looking as young as possible. We even start worrying about aging before any of the signs start. The best time to start treating wrinkles on the skin is before they even appear. Once you get them, it can be hard to do anything for them, but it is possible with some hard work and a good dermatologist.

Here are ten ways that you can reduce and prevent skin wrinkles. 

Watch how you sleep

If you’re worried about wrinkles, you probably think about them all the time during the day. You might not be thinking about them too much when you’re ready for bed. The way you sleep can actually be the cause of some wrinkles. If you’re a side-sleeper, you could be scrunching your face at night and causing wrinkles to set in. It would also be wise to invest in silk pillowcases, which can be much more gentle on the skin.

Cut out bad habits

Smoking is bad for your health for a number of reasons. While there can be some serious issues for your health, it can also age your skin. This can cause you to get wrinkles way before your time. Quitting smoking can be one of the most important decisions you can make for your health.

Eat a healthier diet

Another lifestyle choice that you might not realize is hurting your skin, is your diet. What you eat could be showing up on the outside in the form of wrinkles. Foods like sugar, carbohydrates, and red meat can all break down collagen and cause skin to wrinkle.

Limit sun exposure

You might have spent a few summers outside trying to get as tan as possible. This might have looked good at the time, but the damage the sun caused will be with you forever. The sun can cause significant skin aging. As much as 90% of signs of aging can be caused by the sun. Be sure that you’re protected outside and always use sunscreen.

Be sure to moisturize

Moisturizing is an important step for the health of your skin. It can also be a factor in how many wrinkles you get on your skin. People with oily skin tend to get fewer wrinkles than people with dry skin due to the moisture in their skin. If you keep your skin moisturized, you can help your skin look smoother and prevent wrinkles from getting deeper.

Wash off all makeup

Everyone at some point has accidentally fallen asleep while still wearing makeup. This can lead to breakout right away for some, but it can also end up causing wrinkles. Not washing your makeup off can damage the skin, which can cause it to age faster. This will break down collagen, which is what keeps skin looking young. 

Exfoliate often

During the day, dirt and oil can stick to the skin that can lead to damage and cause wrinkles. To fix this, start exfoliating often so that skin will be clean and fresh. Getting rid of dead skin cells can also speed up skin cell turnover to help skin look young. Exfoliating will also allow your other products to skin deeper into the skin, making them more effective.

Use retinoids

Many people use products with retinoids in them as a way to treat acne. Another good outcome from retinoids is that using it can also smooth out your skin. Retinoids can help stimulate blood cells and promote new collagen to form. Collagen can be damaged due to environmental factors, which retinoids can also help prevent.

Try dermal fillers

Sometimes, your skin just needs something a little extra to look younger. For some of your deeper wrinkles and sagging, you should look into dermal fillers, like . These can plump up any fine lines and fix sagging skin. As far as cosmetic procedures go, this is also a relatively small treatment to get great skin.

Get a facelift

Dermal fillers are great for some smaller wrinkles, but they can only help so much. If you’re looking to really turn back the clock on wrinkled skin, you need to look into getting a facelift. This is a big procedure to get, but provides the most dramatic results and can last for up to 15 years after you have it done.

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