Meanwhile Back On the Ranch…

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If you would have asked me last week if I knew where the steak on my plate came from, I likely would have said…the grocery store.  But in all seriousness, while I knew the basics of how food gets from farm to table, I had NO idea what was really involved in the process.

With experts on hand at each of the operations we visited, we truly received more information and a first hand look at how the beef we consume live and are raised.

Before I start a series of posts that will be filed in a category both at the bottom of the posts and in the navigation header labeled “On the Ranch” – I want to know if YOU have any questions about beef. 

Before I went out to Nebraska the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association sent me a survey to find out my preconceptions and the questions I had about beef.

I was interested in finding out about growth hormones and if genetically modified crops in the feed had any effect on my food.  But I know there are a whole host of other questions out there people have from environment issues to the treatment of the cattle themselves.

So fire away and leave your questions about beef in the comments, and in my series of posts I’ll try and answer your questions and if I can’t because it’s either something I don’t remember or wasn’t actually covered on our quick but intense two day tour, I now have a small army of experts to ask!

I was taken on a tour sponsored by the Beef Checkoff with a group of influencers and experts to get a first hand look at where consumer’s beef comes from.  All expenses were paid, however all opinions in the posts are my own and were not swayed by that.

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