America’s Cattlemen–Not Just Raising Cattle

Out of all the things I learned about cattlemen, ranches, and feedyards, the thing that made the most impact on me over those two days was how much of a family affair this industry really is.

That’s A Lot Of Manure…

I know that’s what some of you have been thinking when you’ve been reading my On the Ranch posts, I have had some correspondence to that effect anyway. You may believe I was fed a bunch of crap from the industry and am just regurgitating it.

Growth Hormone Use in Cattle Production

I’m no expert, but my guess is, when questions arise about beef safety, especially when asking moms, growth hormones are probably one of the biggest concerns out there. That was my biggest question before going ‘On the Ranch’. How does the use of growth hormones in cattle (or any agriculture animal we consume

Do the Cattle Have Room to MOO-ve in a Feedyard?

I think there is a common misconception that feedyards are like over crowded classrooms.  That the cattle are tripping over each other and that they have no room to (dare I be punny?…) moo-ve.

A Closer Look at Feedyards – Grass, Grain…What Are the Cattle Eating?

The average American today is at least two generations removed from agriculture.  That describes me pretty well.  My grandparents had a small honey bee operation, and five years ago my sister married into a crop farming family, but other than that, I have no direct exposure to agriculture of any form.  That means that most of what I know

Cattle Ranchers: Committed to a Healthy Environment

Farmers and ranchers consider themselves the original environmentalists. Their livelihood depends on the long-term health of their land and natural resources. Identifying and using practices that preserve and use these resources responsibly is a necessity for the long term sustainability of the beef industry.

On the Ranch–Vaccinating and Using Antibiotics

In some groups and communities there seems to be a misconception of the use of vaccinations and antibiotics in particular with cattle. Perhaps it’s the same groups that have issues with vaccinating their own families or using prescribed antibiotics when they get sick, I don’t know.

Moving Cattle From Pasture to Plate – Cow/Calf Operation

As I mentioned yesterday, while most consumers have a basic idea of how their food gets from the farm to their table, it’s really a much more in depth and complex process then they realize.

Meanwhile Back On the Ranch…

If you would have asked me last week if I knew where the steak on my plate came from, I likely would have said…the grocery store.  But in all seriousness, while I knew the basics of how food gets from farm to table, I had NO idea what was really involved in the process.

On The Ranch

Right about the time this post was published, I’m in the air somewhere over the Beef Belt. 

This city slicker is being shown where our beef comes from courtesy of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.