Make Food Prep Easier & Cleaner with The Bag Holder (Giveaway)

It can be very tempting to buy frozen dinners for their extreme convenience. No dishes, no clean up from your prep, they’re on hand to make. But a new product coming on the market could make your time in the kitchen quicker, while still using healthy ingredients and being able to prep delicious food fast.

The Bag Holder is designed to be an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.  Using any brand of gallon sized storage bags, you have the ability to make meals in minutes with no mess, because The Bag Holder holds the bag open perfectly.  Imagine being able to marinate meats, divide your bulk foods up, make freezer meals, cakes and cookies, all without the food needing to touch dishes or your counters, eliminating the need to clean after prepping!

What makes this product so unique is the fact that it can be put in the microwave and it is heat resistant.  Which means you can cook right in it if you want (just pour the bag contents in The Bag Holder to reheat soups and stews!) and should you have some spillage – it can be placed in the dishwasher.

What excites me the most about this product is the lack of dishes you need to prep.  That’s what I dislike most about cooking – the clean up from making it.  When I see the mountain of dishes left after preparing and eating the meal, I often get discouraged, and it makes me feel less like wanting to cook!

Plastic bags also take up less space when storing food items, in the fridge, freezer or cupboard.  The great thing about them is that they can be pressed flat once you have sealed them and they can stack in flat piles, which makes for better use of space.

Before you pipe in that it’s wasteful to use plastic storage bags this way – The Bag Holder’s design makes it easy to wash and re-use the bags more than once!

So you can see that while it’s wonderful for once a month freezer cooking or crockpot cooking, it really goes far beyond that, and is a space and time saver for you in your kitchen!  I could seriously have used this when I made my ‘Puppy Chow’ at Christmas time, and had 3 bowls, a spatula, and confectioners sugar all over my counters and floors to clean up after having made it!

The folks who designed The Bag Holder, don’t want you to be left holding the bag!  They want you to go check out how useful this product is and have a bunch of videos on their Facebook page to prove it!

As a bit of incentive for you to check their product out they’re offering one of my readers a $25 Outback Gift Card so that you can have an easy dinner now and then when The Bag Holder is released for purchase in April, you can buy one or two of those, to keep having easy dinners in your own kitchen!  The Bag Holder will sell for $19 plus shipping and stores easily under the sink with the box of bags you buy right in it. No more plastic lids and bottoms to search through.

A $25 Outback Restaurant Gift Card.

To enter the giveaway go to the Videos posted by The Bag Holder and watch one of them, and then tell me why the video you watched would make The Bag Holder useful in your kitchen.  The videos range from under a minute to 12 minutes in length, and there are 17 of them to choose from.  PLEASE ACTUALLY WATCH at least one of the videos.  This is a small business Mom made product and a few minutes of your time for the chance to win a gift card (and maybe be intrigued by a new product) isn’t too much to ask.

1. Like The Bag Holder on Facebook and leave your Facebook name in the comment so it can be verified.

2. Share this post on Facebook with your friends and family and let them know about The Bag Holder, leave a link to your ‘share’ in the comments.

3. Watch additional videos and make a comment about the video for each one you watch.  Including the initial entry you could potentially have 17 entries by watching each of the videos.

Open to US Residents ages 18+, ends February 21, 2011 at 11:59 PM CST. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  E-mail must be in comment or submitted when entering.  By entering this giveaway you are stating that you have read my **Privacy/Rules statements and agree to them.

“I wrote this post on behalf of The Bag Holder and received compensation for sharing it with you on my blog.”

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