Schwan’s Chef Jet Asian Cuisine

You may have read my post about the great many dessert ideas Schwan’s has for Valentine’s Day, but they also have a fun and easy line of products from Chef Jet, great for celebrating the Year of the Rabbit!

I was sent a package of the Schwan’s Chef Jet Chicken Lo Mein, and cooked it up for my family one night last week, just the right size for us, since it has three servings and there are three of us in my family.  It could not have been more simple to make, and it’s the perfect way for busy families to enjoy a meal of Asian Cuisine.

It really was fun to make, just heat up some oil in a pan, and then pour all of the contents in, except for the oyster sauce.  I was curious to see how those ‘domed’ noodles would come out, I had visions of ice cream scooped food from my summer camp days when I saw them!  There seriously is no prep time to making this, and from beginning to plate it took me all of 20 minutes to make.

My family really liked this dish, because the oyster sauce is really mild, and there aren’t an over abundance of peppers and onions in it.  Just enough to flavor the dish, but not excessive amounts compared to the noodles and chicken.  Chef Jet’s Asian Cuisine tastes great, and they are products that you can get creative with if you choose to with delicious recipes from Chef Jet to round out or enhance your meal.

Schwan’s Home Service wants to help you celebrate the tradition of Chinese New Year.  You can play Cook Like Chef Jet with Schwan’s Products Game and check out your chance to win fantastic daily prizes and a grand prize trip to Las Vegas.  20 instant prizes are awarded daily including Schwan’s Gift Cards and Chef Jet Meals.  

“I wrote this post on behalf of Schwan’s and received a media sample to aid me in my review.”

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