Celebrate Comfort with These Adorable LazyOne Matching Pajamas!

The holidays are all about spending time together, having fun and creating memories as a family. And there’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with matching pajamas for the whole family.  No matter what your style is and whichever seasonal day you celebrate, LazyOne has the best matching pajama sets to start the holiday season.

I’ve been a LazyOne fan for YEARS!  LazyOne pajamas are actually my go to souvenir item when we travel – I always look for a themed pair of pajamas to remember our vacations by and I often find LazyOne pajamas to fit that bill. 

So this year our daughter made a huge step of moving out of our home and taking a job in Utah!  Close by her new home is a restaurant called Black Bear Diner.  When we were in Utah in May looking for a place for her to live and then again in September when we moved her there, we stopped there to eat.  Oh and guess what… they had LazyOne pajamas in their gift corner!  With black bears on them (of course!).  I didn’t pick up a pair and regretted it as soon as we were back in Texas.  But then … LazyOne reached out and wondered if I wanted to share about their holiday matching pajamas!  And guess what they had… that’s right BLACK BEAR pajamas! 

So anyway…

You’re never too old to wear a cozy onesie, especially during the holidays, right?! 

matching pajamas

You and your family can snuggle up in this Flapjack style that will keep you warm and laughing all season long.  Oh why is that you ask?  Well take a look at the back…

matching pajamas

The best part about these matching outfits pajamas is that you can wear them all winter since they aren’t specifically “holiday” themed.  And get ready to take some super awesome photos this season when your family is decked out in them.

LazyOne matching pajamas come in all sizes from infant to adults.  Oh and did I mention your puppy dog can match you all as well?!  They offer a fun range of designs with a variety of styles, so there is something to please any taste.

If matching pajamas aren’t your thing, LazyOne is still a great place to seek out holiday gifts for your clan.  They also have hilarious men’s boxers featuring ridiculous puns and eye-catching graphics, robes and housewares.  

You can find LazyOne matching pajamas and other LazyOne products both on their website and on Amazon.

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