Can Glasses Make or Break Your Outfit?

Wearing glasses can make you feel like your outfit isn’t quite on point, especially if you haven’t needed to wear them for most of your adult life so far. Rather than begrudging these helpful tools, you could instead find ways to help them complement your outfits and overall look. This doesn’t need to involve a lot of expense, but simply considering your outfit and frame choices the way you might with any other accessory.

Thin Lenses

Thankfully for the fashion conscious, bulky lenses and ghastly frames can stay in the past. Due to the advancements in technology and design, you can have sleek, slim lenses installed in your frames, which can help to convey an air of sophistication. The size of the lens is dependent on what is known as an index. A lower index would imply a thicker lens, while high index lenses, such as those found at , would be a lot thinner. The majority of people should be able to use high index lenses, including those whose prescription involves a strong change.

Your Complexion

It can be tempting to choose glasses that you have seen others wear. From friends to , we can have our style choices swayed by those around us. While some designs may look great on them, that doesn’t mean that they will also look fashionable on your face. When choosing frame designs and colors, you may want to take your complexion into account. Depending on your skin tone, you may be better suited to warmer or cooler colors. Checking this, and trying on a number of frames before you buy, could help you to discover which shades work for you. This can also help you to avoid designs that may make you appear washed out.

Your Own Confidence

At times, it may not be what you’re wearing that is affecting how you look, but your facial expressions and posture instead. This may have a lot to do with the confidence you have in yourself. Rather than blaming your glasses, you may instead want to find ways to , which could allow you to stand taller, and appear more put-together to those around you. Accepting that you need glasses, and coming to terms with your prescription, could also be a good part of it. When you view them as something ugly or hated, this may reflect on how you feel when you wear them. By instead finding ways to consider them a great accessory, alongside your shoes, bag, and any jewelry, you could then begin to perceive them as an awesome fashion choice.

Glasses serve a purpose in helping rectify your eyesight. Due to this, wearing glasses in itself can’t necessarily be seen as breaking your outfit. However, there are ways that you can help them to align more with your style choices. In following this, you may be able to create some great, chic looks, while still having better vision than without your frames.

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