Fountain Pens from Europe | 10 Famous European Pen Brands

Traveling offers a great opportunity for people to expand their world views and experience different cultures and traditions. This goes a step further to offer relaxation from the everyday routine and switch things up.

Europe is one of the best travel destinations with great experiences to be had and enjoyed.  It is also a well-established that features different brands designed to offer incredible pen options (check out that link for brands separated by each country!).

When traveling, one of the best handy tools to have with you is a quality fountain pen. With a pen, you can easily journal your experience and note things down with ease.

European pen brands offer amazing quality options designed to be the perfect companion during your travels. Here are some of the best pen brands based in Europe to work with.

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The Lamy Safari Pen

Lamy Safari Pens is a well-established brand in that offers quality fountain pen options. They feature specialized manufacturing processes that are designed to produce quality fountain pens, rollerball pens, and ballpoint pens.

Fountain pens by this brand have gained great popularity thanks to their classic designs. They come in a minimal sleek look and also feature different color options to give you variety.

The fountain pens are made with a comfortable grip that makes them easy to work with. They work with both stainless steel and gold nibs that are crafted to be the perfect writing tool.

They are designed to be consistent and offer a smooth flow of ink to paper. They come with a secure cap that makes them perfect to carry with you on your next trip.

Kaweco Pens

Established in 1883, Kaweco pens is another great German brand that features high-quality writing instruments. They pride themselves on having the quality experience that allows them to offer incredible pen options.

They feature a product catalog of different pens and writing accessories produced over the years. The craftsmanship employed by this brand is centered on traditional ideals. This allows them to offer pens that are well thought out and produced with incredible attention to detail.

The fountain pens designed and developed by Kaweco offer great performance making them a good investment. They also come in different colors to cater to their customers’ varied needs.

The best part about this brand is that they offer custom pen-making options. This gives you the perfect chance to invest in a pen that is tailored to your specific designs and needs.

Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart is a recognized pen manufacturer based in the UK that was founded by Frank Jarvis and Thomas Garner. The company prides itself on providing quality writing instruments to all its customers.

Their pen productions are designed to offer a classy feel and look to their users. They work with the best quality raw materials to ensure that the performance of the fountain pens is up to par. This allows them to meet their customer’s expectations and offer reliable pen options.

Over the years they have continued to refine their designs paying attention to the needs in the market. Conway Stewart is a great pen brand to consider investing in especially when looking for quality.


Founded in 1783, the Waterford company has continued to dominate the market share in the UK and around the world. They are a trusted pen brand with a lot of fountain pen users opting to invest in their pens.

The pens are designed to exude elegance and class which makes them a favorite for most people. The company takes into account the need to have a functional writing instrument that is also aesthetically pleasing.

With this in mind, their fountain pens are designed to be the perfect blend without exceptions. They ensure that all their pens are manufactured with consistency to ensure that you get an enhanced quality experience.

Caran d’Ache

The Caran d’Ache brand was established in Geneva in the year 1995 and has specialized its operations to provide quality pens. They are a Swiss company that is well known by fountain pen users for their amazing pen selections. The pens designed by this company feature incredible interiors with equally amazing exterior designs. This makes them a great pen that features all the important aspects.

The designers in the Caran d’Ache brand outdo themselves with the incredible pen options they offer. They feature different collections that are well thought out and have a story behind them.

In addition, the pens are made to offer the best function and performance without compromise. The pens are designed with nibs coated with 18-carat gold and designed to offer a smooth flow of ink.

This pen brand goes a step further to work with ethically sourced raw materials on all their productions. Doing this allows them to stay mindful of the environment and its customers. 

Edelberg Haute

is another Swiss pen brand that offers incredible pen options that are highly reliable. Thi pen brand was established by Carlo E. Naldi to cater to fountain pen lovers.

The company dedicates its processes to improving its fountain pen productions to ensure that they cater to the needs of the market. This has allowed them to continue being top of mind for most fountain pen users.

They strive to use the latest technology without losing sight of the traditional ideas associated with pen craftsmanship. Their dedication to improving their fountain pens continues to impact their ranking.

They are quickly rising to become the go-to pen brand that is preferred by a large group of people. Their pens feature high-quality nibs and outer casings designed to ensure that they offer incredible service.


Waterman is a household name among fountain pen users who work with their pens and vouch for their quality. The Waterman brand was founded in 1883 by Lewis Edson Waterman.

The pen brand is based in France and offers quality writing instruments to cater to the needs of their customers. The pens designed by this company feature the use of the Parisian style that is a great aspect of the brand.

This style allows them to produce classy and quality pen options to boost your style. The pens are designed to be your perfect partner when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. Waterman pens are designed with great attention to detail and come in different collections to give you a variety of options.

They are made to feature high-quality nibs and an incredible grip that offers great support during long periods of writing. The fountain pens are available in 8 different colors to suit an individual’s style and personality.

J Herbin

, J Herbin has continued to offer reliable writing instruments that are designed to feature great quality. Given that it is one of the oldest pen brands in the world, it has continued to refine its production systems. This has allowed them to change with the times and embrace the needs of their customers.

The years they have dedicated to the production of quality pens have allowed them to offer pens designed with an incredible experience. They know what works and implement that on the writing instrument they produce in their manufacturing plant.

J Herbin has ventured into the production of different stationeries including, inks, calligraphy sets, and fountain pens among others. J Herbin is a French brand that features fountain pen options designed to be an incredible choice when traveling. They are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These aspects make the pens quite appealing.

Waldmann Pens

When it comes to working with fountain pens designed and crafted manually, Waldmann pens are the perfect choice for you. The company was founded in 1918 and offers incredible writing instruments designed to offer the best performance.

They work with experienced craftsmen who dedicate their expertise to ensuring that the pens produced are reliable. Given that all the pen productions are done manually, they boast great attention to detail.

This allows them to offer consistent pen options with every collection they produce. They offer a variety of pens in different collections designed to give you flexibility when choosing.

The pens feature the use of top-quality nibs that glide smoothly through the paper and offer effortless ink flow. These German pens are a great option to consider investing in for your adventures.


Yard-O-Led is an England pen brand that was founded in 1934 to cater to the needs of the pen market. They came in to offer incredible pen options that are highly embraced by different individuals around the world.

They offer pens made with the best quality craftsmanship to ensure that they are of great quality. The craftsmen boast years of experience in working with handcrafted pens which assures the product quality.

The pens are made using sterling silver that is designed to add to the quality of the pens. It greatly improves the feel and performance of the pens they produce.


Fountain pens are a great addition to your collection, especially when traveling to different destinations. They offer the convenience of documenting your experiences and making note of all important aspects of your trip. The different fountain pen brands featured are designed to offer different options that you can invest in. Find a fountain pen brand that appeals to you and invest in it.

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